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Giancarlo Baghetti on the way to his maiden Grand Prix win in his very first GP aboard Ferrari 156 chassis 0008. He won four Grands’ Prix in 1961; the French at Reims, and three non-championship events here at Siracusa on April 24, in Napoli three weeks later, and the Coppa Italia at Vallelunga in October […]

John Surtees looking very cheery prior to the 1960 Solitude GP aboard his Rob Walker/works/AFN Porsche 718/2, 24 July 1960… And so he should, not long before he had won the 500cc motorcycle GP aboard an MV Agusta before jumping into his car for the Formula 2 Grand Prix, his fortunes in that event not so good. […]

Quite a stunning 1960 Monaco vista… I was trawling the internet, as I do, looking for photos which inspire the articles I write, one of the reasons why this blog is so nuttily diverse is to do with that approach. I found this shot, unattributed as most of them are, but identified as ‘Monaco 1966’ […]

Taffy von Trips settles himself into his F2 Ferrari Dino 156 #0008 on the grid of the 1960 Italian Grand Prix, Monza, September 6… The cars designer, Carlo Chiti looks on. Click on the link below to my article, I’ve converted a 100 word quickie on a Monaco vista in 1960 into a feature on […]

I was lookin’ for shots of chicks and cars as I do a fortnightly post of a babe with a car. When I spotted this image ’twas the lady who initially caught my eye… But we ‘anoraks’ are so into chassis numbers right? ‘935’ on the engine cover stood out, a Lotus 18 number I […]

Chuck Daigh rumbles his big Ford Thunderbird across Daytona Beach during the February 1956 Speed Trials… Born in Long Beach, California on 29 November 1923 he commenced fiddling with cars at his fathers garage business. Whilst still at High School, he ‘ran’ a Union Oil garage in Long Beach close to his home in Paramount. […]