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Fabulous shot of Derek Bell ‘on line’ on the approach to La Source hairpin, he finished 8th sharing this ‘Ecurie Francorhamp’ 512S with Hughes De Fierlant…

Jo Siffert and Brian Redman won the race in the dominant car of 1970/71, the Porsche 917K. These 5 litre 12 cylinder , 450-500 BHP cars are still spoken of in awe 45 years later by those fortunate enough to see, or drive them.

Ferrari were very busy in 1970 with F1, their beloved Sports Car programs. Porsche kept it simple, subcontracting the preparation and racing of the cars to John Wyer Engineering and Porsche Salzburg, they were not distracted by F1.

On paper, the V12, space-frame chassis 512S should have given the Flat 12, space-frame chassis 917 a better run for its money than it did, the early season Sebring 12 Hour win flattered to deceive. The suitably ‘tweaked 512S ,’71 updated 512M showed  early potential to ‘serve it up’ to the 917 horde, but the Ferrari factory didn’t race it in ’71, the 15 cars built or converted from 512S spec were raced by privateers only, there is an interesting article to be written there!

The 512S is one of my ‘Top 10 Racing Cars’ a fabulous device if not Maranello’s most successful…


25 512S all in a row?…Maranello late ’69. 25 cars were required by the governing body , the CSI for homologation into Group 5…cars all lined up ready for inspection, the yellow ‘Francorchamp’ car stands out. The investment was huge compared with the small production runs of previous models , only 4 P4’s were built for example, and one of those was a converted P3…Fiat ‘took over’ Ferrari’s road car division in ’69, and put racing support arrangements in place going forward, without that their would have been no 512 program methinks

Spa 1000 Km 1970 pits

512S all in a row, mechanics fettle Bells’ car, #21 is the Schetty/Merzario Scuderia Ferrari 512S which finished 7th. Best placed 512S was Ickx/Surtees 2nd. (CA Caillier)


512 spa camera

Busy pit stop for the Ickx/Surtees 2nd placed 512S. Surtees jumping in, Ickx clear in the helmet behind, Spa 1970 (Rainer Schlegelmilch)

Photo Credit…CA Caillier, Rainer Schlegelmilch


512 spa schetty

Peter Schetty, 7th Ferrari 512S chasing the winning Siffert/Redman Porsche 917K, Spa 1970 (Rainer Schlegelmilch)