Reg Hunt: Australian Ace of the 1950’s…

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Reg Hunt, Murrays Corner, Bathurst, Bathurst 100 in April 1956 driving his recently acquired ex-works Maserati 250F ‘2516’. Hunt set fastest race time, the race a handicap won by Lex Davison’s Ferrari 500/625.

Reg Hunt, Bathurst 100 April 1956…

Many Melburnians will recognise the name as a very successful retailer of Holdens and many other makes from his acreage’s of dealerships fronting the Nepean Highway in Elsternwick.

He was also a very successful racer in the 1950’s who retired in his mid 30’s. Little has been written about him. He was ‘up there’ with all of the businessmen/motor dealer/racers of the day; Stan Jones, Lex Davison, Bib Stillwell, Alec Mildren and the rest .

His last racer was an ex-works Maserati 250F  ‘2516,’ a car driven by Moss and Jean Behra early in 1956. In this car he was as quick as any of the locals, a great ‘mighta-been’ is what he could have achieved had he not retired to focus on family and his expanding automotive empire.

This interesting article about the little known Hunt, was written by Richard Batchelor and published in the Maserati Club of Victoria magazine;


Hunt winning the ‘South Pacific Championship’ at Gnoo Blas, Orange, NSW on 30 January 1956. He beat a class field in his recently acquired Maserati 250F, Brabham was 2nd in his Cooper Bristol. Fantastic shot of this road circuit. (Gnoo Blas Classic Car Club)

Reg Hunt Unsung ace of the 1950’s…

Reg Hunt 'Sports Cars and Specials'

Reg in his 250F on the cover of the October 1956 issue of ‘Sports Cars and Specials’ magazine



Reg Hunt, Maserati 250F, Gnoo Blas, Orange 30 January 1956. (Gnoo Blas Classic Car Club)

port wakefield

Start of the 1955 Australian Grand Prix, Port Wakefield, SA. Reg Hunt Maser A6GCM  and stan Jones Maybach 3, on the front row left and RH side. Jack Brabham and Doug Whiteford, Cooper Bristol and Lago Talbot respectively on row 2, the race won by Brabham. (‘From Maybach to Repco’ Malcolm Preston’)

port wakeforedl grid

Hunts’ Maserati A6GCM on the AGP Grid Port Wakefield 1955. Hunt was leading this race by 23 seconds in this 250F engined car, broke a cam-follower and then slowed allowing Brabham’s Cooper T40 Climax through for the win, finishing second. Saltbush country, Port Wakefield, 80 Km from Adelaide was a shortlived circuit but the first permanent circuit built in Australia post war (Max Fotheringham)


Hunt’s A6GCM Maserati prior to the 1955 AGP Port Wakefield paddock, this model was the precursor to the 250F, it was an interim car using the chassis of Maser’s F2 car and the 250F engine…4 or 5 built (Kevin Drage)

cockpit maser

Cockpit shot of Hunts Maser A6GCM in the Port Wakefield paddock, 50’s driver safety to the fore…4 speed box aft of engine, 250F’s transaxle mounted at rear in front of De Dion tube giving much better traction (Kevin Drage)


Hunt supervises preparation of the 250F in his Elsternwick, Melbourne, workshop. He was close to the factory team who based themselves here during the 1956 AGP at Albert Park…2493 cc straight 6, 2 valves per cylinder, twin ‘plugs, 3X Weber DCO3 Webers, circa 250BHP in 1956. ‘Space frame’ rails can be seen, ditto front wishbones, roll bar, big 14 inch finned alloy brake drums and the rest…(Garry Baker Collection)

Photo Credits…

Garry Baker Collection, Kevin Drage, Max Fotheringham, ‘From Maybach to Repco’ Malcolm Preston


  1. […] wrote about Reg Hunt a while back, . He was an Englishman with a family background in the motor-trade, who came to Australia in 1949. […]

  2. […] I love this portrait of Glass by John Ellacott, looking every inch the successful man he was, its taken at Symmons Plains, Tasmania in March 1960. Car is the Maserati 250F referred to above, chassis #2516 the ex-works Moss/Behra/Hunt/Stillwell car which Arnold raced very competitively from 1959 to 1961, the car with which he achieved most success i think. I wrote an article about this Maser a while back, click here to read it; […]

  3. Rob says:

    With regard to the caption “Reg Hunt, Hell Corner , Bathurst , winning the Bathurst 100 in April 1956 …”, it should be noted that, whilst Hunt recorded the fastest time, the 100 was a handicap race and the actual winner was Lex Davison driving a Ferrari. Australian Motor Sports (magazine), May 1956, pages 179-182 refer.

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks John and Rob for the corrections, captions updated suitably! Am working on an article on the Tornado at the moment, trying to get in touch with one of the car builders sons, it’s taking too long as usual! Mark.

  4. John Medley says:

    And it is not Hell Corner, rather Murray’s Corner

  5. graham64 says:

    Great photo of Gnoo Blas – there wouldn’t be too many race tracks where a railway line runs parallel to the main straight. It is well worth driving around the track – the section on Bloomfield Road is very fast and sweeping.

    In regard to Port Wakefield, the outline of the circuit can be seen on Google Maps, even though it would be impossible to see it if you were standing near where the track is located.

    • markbisset says:

      During my 3 years in Adelaide I did drive and walk nuriootpa, Lobethal and Victor Harbour; did not make it to Wakefield, but it’s apparently pretty clear where most of the track was. I have been to Orange but not walked Gnoo Blas! tis on the list! Lobethal is truly wild!!

  6. […] I’ve written several articles about this very fast and supremely talented English born Australian racer/businessman who retired way too early. See here;; […]

  7. BRAD says:


    • markbisset says:

      Reg is still very much kicking- doing property development with his grandson and goodness knows what else.
      Graham ran President Ford on Reg’s Nepean Highway strip in the days he ran historic Mustangs- no idea what he is up to these days, it would be intriguing to know.

  8. mike sydes says:

    Hi my name is mike sydes and I worked for graham hunt late seventies and early eighties as used car manager and must say they were great times for me graham was a great guy to work for I’m trying to locate graham if anybody can help with contact number
    mike s

  9. Hi Mark,

    The ex Maserati 250F Chassis #2016 – Jean Behra / Reg Hunt / Bib Stilwell / Arnold Glass car is for sale in the UK via Fiskens
    Heeps of current close up pics + history file & pics,


    David Zeunert / Melbourne – 24/1/2019

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks David,
      Just had a quick peek then- good shots and potted history.
      I did a feature article on the 250F some years back- one way and another there are probably more photos of 250F’s on primotipo than any other single model of car- deservedly so!
      I’ve got quite a few shots of ‘2016’ not yet posted, just need to package them up into a ‘pictorial’ article!

  10. mike sydes says:

    hi does anybody know where graham hunt son of reg is these days i worked for graham back in the 80’s great times

  11. […] Reg Hunt tested and acquired the machine at Modena in December 1955, first racing it in Australia at Gnoo Blas. He won the South Pacific Championship in it and ‘was the class of 1956’ behind it’s wood-rimmed wheel. Who can fault his choice of early retirement to focus on his growing dealership empire but our grids were robbed of a great competitor. See here; […]

  12. […] at 99, not to far from the-ton, due to Covid related complications on August 22, 2022. Click here; Reg Hunt: Australian Ace of the 1950’s… | primotipo… and here on the A6GCM; Hunt’s GP Maser A6GCM ‘2038’… | […]

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