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Primotipo… is Mark Bisset .

The sight of Kevin Bartlett’s’ Mclaren M10B F5000 bellowing sideways out of Shell corner, Sandown Park, Melbourne, Australia in January ’72 was his first racing sight, remains indelibly etched in his mind, and started a lifelong fascination and passion for motor racing .

He has owned and raced Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Lotus, Venom, Asp, Elfin, Lola, Van Diemen & Ralt cars.
Favourite marques are Lotus, Lola & Alfa…but all racing and sports racing cars float his boat.

He is also an executive in a professional service firm.

The object of this blog is to share memories, observations & opinions on the sports past, present & future…



Peter Brennan  Elfin 400 Chev

Peter Brennan
Elfin 400 Chev

Racers Retreat…is Peter Brennan

Melbourne’s Peter Brennan is a passionate racer, restorer and businessman.

Apprenticed as a mechanic, he quickly established a successful business and prepared, raced and restored some of Australia’s significant cars both for his own collection and for his clients.

He started his racing career in the ‘Jinx BSA’, a 500cc racer and after retiring to establish his business and raise 3 children with his wife Elizabeth, he returned to the sport competing in Australian National Formula 1, Formula Holden at the time. He now competes in a variety of cars in Historic Racing.

As a restorer/driver his collection includes the ex-Patrese ’79 F1 Arrows A1B, ex-Matich Elfin 400/Traco Olds sports car, both cars the ‘tip of the iceberg’.



Rodways Repco Recollections…is Rodway Wolfe.

Rod was brought up in Victorias’ East Gippsland, after completing his motor mechanics apprenticeship he was employed by Repco’s retail arm ‘ blagging ‘ his way into a job with the Repco Brabham Engine company and later the F5000 company.

He was part of Repcos’ small elite team all through the World Championship years of 1966/7 to 1973, this is his ‘front row’ account of the company, it’s engineers, customers, drivers and of course the engines themselves.

Rodway was then Holinger Engineering’s first employee after that returning to East Gippsland where he established and owned successful businesses in motor cycle and marine retailing and ships chandlery .

He is now retired and lives at ‘Wildwood’ , his wilderness property in East Gippsland.


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