Classic 1960’s GP Cockpit: Brabham BT24 Repco 1967…

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bt 24

BT24/1 was Brabhams’ car for the ’67 Grand Prix season, the title won by his Kiwi teammate Denny Hulme that year…

Looks comfy in there; no belts, they arrived in GP racing in’68, Smiths chronometric tach, ‘tell-tale’ showing 8600 RPM, leather bound steering wheel, aluminium fuel tanks by your hips on each side, no ‘bag tanks’ till 1970 so fire risk in the event of an accident enormous.

Bandinis’ horrific ’67 Monaco Ferrari crash a case in point.

‘Varley’ lightweight battery is under the cover over which your legs will stretch. Grey ‘stove enamelled’ chassis rails of the ‘space frames’ used by Brabham F1 cars till the end of ’69 under the shift lever, who needs those new-fangled monocoques anyway?! Fibre-glass body apparent on all sides.

Right hand shift controls a ubiquitous and reliable 5 speed Hewland DG300 gearbox. Its attached to a Repco ‘740’ Series SOHC 2 valve V8, being gently warmed up at 3400RPM. The engine gave circa 340BHP, far less than the new Cosworth DFV but enough to do the trick in ’67!

Oh! The little red plaque riveted to the dash says ‘Speed Should Not Exceed 170MPH’!

Brabham Racing Organisation always saw the lighter side of life under the surface of intense competitiveness and success.

Oh so period, just luvverly…


Brabham in BT24-1 at Silverstone , British GP ’67, he finished 4th. Trusting photographer on the inside of Woodcote Corner (Mike Hayward)

Photo Credits…

‘Jack Brabham with Doug Nye’, Mike Hayward

  1. wayne miller says:

    brings back me memories of my old Beach Formula Ford and Formula Vee

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