Jackie Stewart: Monaco GP 1973: Tyrrell 006 Ford…

Posted: August 25, 2014 in F1, Fotos
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Fantastic shot of JYS on his way to victory throwing around the ‘twitchy’ , low ‘polar moment of inertia’ Tyrrell 006…

 The win was Stewarts 25th, equalling the number of Championship wins achieved by his friend and compatriot Jim Clark.

Stewart started the season in his trusty 005 but raced 006 from the International Trophy at Silverstone , the car carrying him to 5 victories and the world title that year.

Whilst Stewart won the drivers title the manufacturers championship went to Lotus, reigning champion Emerson Fittipaldi and teammate Ronnie Petersen scrapping and taking wins between them , which, in the absence of team orders , stopped Fittipaldi winning a pair of titles ‘on the trot’…team orders, and some times their absence are not new in F1!

Lotus were not the only team with 2 ‘number ones’ that season.

Stewart had Francois Cevert as his Tyrrell teammate again ,they were close friends as well as competitors with the master freely acknowledging Cevert had his speed , and then some , that season. But Francois was a team player and knew his turn , and time would come.

Sadly, it didn’t with his death in an horrific accident in practice at Watkins Glen, the final GP of ’73.

Stewart did a couple of laps in 006/2 in the final session to try and work out what happened to Francois, pitted his car and walked away from F1, as a driver , as he had planned earlier in the season , for good.

Jackie retired with 27 championship wins from 99 races, Cevert perished not knowing he would have been Tyrrells team leader in 1974…

stewart & cevert

Jackie Stewart leads Francois Cevert, Monaco 1973. First and fourth respectively. (Pinterest)


stewart 7 cevert 2

Francois Cevert & Jackie Stewart in 1973 (Pinterest)


tyrrell 006 cutaway

Werner Buhrer cutaway drawing

Checkout Allen Browns great piece on his oldracingcars site on ‘006’ inclusive of chassis by chassis histories here;



Photo Credits…

Werner Buhrer, Michael Turner



(Michael Turner)



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