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Posted: December 23, 2014 in Obscurities
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Ferrari Dino 246 Alps

When I started this blog in May I hadn’t thought about the global nature of the thing, I figured I would be writing for an Australian audience. I started it to give myself something to do during the week ‘with all that useless information in your head’ as my partner so delicately put it, as I live in Melbourne but work in Adelaide, an hours flight away. I have some time on my hands.

So, I understand that many of you in some parts of the world don’t celebrate Christmas but seasonal salutations to you all. I hope wherever you live the period is an enjoyable family one and time to reflect and relax a bit.

In Australia it’s also our summer holiday so pretty much the ‘whole joint’ closes down for January and goes to the beach. It’s a time to watch the comatose excitement of cricket, a most peculiar activity, a ‘Test’ takes longer to complete than a Grand Prix weekend, and even then there is sometimes no victory. Only the English could have invented the game, bless ’em.

At Christmas my mind always turns to the Ferrari Dino 246GT, still my favourite road car.

The book which piqued my interest in motor racing was ‘Automobile Year 18’, the 1970 season review. I can pretty much remember every page, I used to borrow the book from the school library over and over again. Its no surprise that some of my favourite racing cars are from that season; the Lotus 72 F1, Ferrari 512S Sports Car and McLaren M8D CanAm being three of them.

These photos of the Dino and a road test featured large in the book, I fell for the cars perfect, pert Pininfarina lines well before I saw my first one in the metal.

Every year since 1971 I have asked good ‘ole Santa for a Dino in ‘Fly Yellow’, clearly I have been a naughty boy as said Italian temptress has never appeared. Still, many of my automotive and racing dreams have been realised although the # 1 seat at Ferrari seems to have passed me by.

May your dreams and aspirations for 2015 be realised.

A happy, healthy, wealthy and wise year to you all.

And thankyou for reading the blog!…

Ferrari Dino 246 profile

Photo Credits…

Automobile Year 18

  1. Nigel says:

    I have just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading, as the articles are in keeping with my interest in the sport.
    Having read the Dino article it struck a chord with me as I too adore the Dino and thought I may eventually get one.
    I rode in a friends Dino after he sold me his Lotus Europa TC, taking me to a local race meeting at Croft in the North East of England in the early 70’s.
    The Dino was superb and everything I wanted in a sports car, so the die was cast.
    Unfortunately over the years the price of them gradually rose and became too expensive for me to aspire to one.
    But all was not lost, my love affair with 2 seater 2 door mid engined cars wouldn’t go away and after a long time I bought a Toyota MRS, very similar (or should I say as close as I could get) to a Dino in specs and driving, but not a Ferrari.
    Last year however I came a little closer to the beautiful Dino in the shape of a Porsche Boxster.
    A marvelous machine that I now have the pleasure of driving when the time and conditions are right, and I delight in it.
    Don’t give up your dreams.

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Nigel, enjoy the Boxster! Mid engined nirvana for me was an S1 Elise I owned for 5 years, lightly modified it was as close to a Formula Ford on the road as is sensibly possible, I had an ’85 3.2 Carrera as my daily driver at the same time in the early 2000’s and even tho is had done over 150kms when I bought it and over 250kms when I sold it it was a fantastic, fun, practical day to day car to cart around 3 small, as they were at the time, boys . Dino, gotta dream don’t you?!

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