1976 Le Mans, Porsche 936…

Posted: October 13, 2015 in Fotos, Sports Racers
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Jacky Ickx and Gijs van Lennep won the race by 11 laps in their Porsche 936 from Jean-Louis Lafosse and Francois Migault in a Mirage GR8 Ford and British pair Chris Craft and Alain De Cadenet in the latters De Cadenet Lola T380 Ford…

The multi-tubular spaceframe chassis was based on the 908/3 and 917 designs with some of the running gear from the 917 program. The car used a 2 valve 2142cc single-turbocharged 540 bhp flat 6 engine variant of the roadgoing ‘930 Turbo’ the teething issues of which had been sorted the year before in the back of a 911 RSR.

Competing in Group 6, the derivation of the name 936 is clear, the engine was 2142cc to fit into the 3 litre class when the equivalency formula of ‘1.4 times’ was applied to turbocharged engines.

The cars were very successful winning Le Mans in 1976, ’77 and 1981 and the World Sportscar Championship in 1976.

Alpine Renault in their new turbo-charged DOHC 4 valve V6 engined A442 cars were favourites for the ’76 title but Porsche stole the series with their amazing ‘parts bin special’, winning the Monza 4 Hours, Imola 500Km, Le Mans, Enna 4 Hours, Dijon 500Km and the Salzburgring 200 Miles. The Alpines didn’t win a round despite a roster of mainly French GP drivers…


Multi tubular spaceframe chassis based on the 908/3 and 917 designs. Engine Type 935/73 B6 2142cc, 2 valve SOHC Bosch fuel injected, single KKK-turbo with intercooler, circa 540bhp@8000rpm in 1976. Gearbox Porsche 5 speed with LSD. Double wishbones and coil spring/dampers with adjustable roll bars front and rear. Ventilated steel disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, weight 700Kg. (unattributed)

936 2

Jacky Ickx in the winning Porsche 936. Le Mans 1976. (unattributed)


Jacky Ickx again, Le Mans 1976. (Automobile Year)

Photo Credits…Automobile Year



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