Lex Davison: Rob Roy Hillclimb: Alfa P3…

Posted: January 23, 2016 in Obscurities, Who,What,Where & When...?
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lex davo rob roy

This fine George Thomas shot of Lex Davisons’ Alfa Romeo P3 ‘50003’ is undated but is in the mid-fifties, its become exposed over time which adds to its patina and drama of the occasion…

This wonderful Grand Prix car had to ‘sing for its supper’ in Australia, events were few and far between in the early post-war years. Davison was a keen competitor who raced his cars far and wide in trials, rallies, circuit races and hillclimbs like this one at the ‘Christmas Hills’ in Melbourne’s outer east.

The venue is still used by the MG Car Club, perhaps one of their historians can help date the shot.

Photo Credit…

George Thomas

  1. leapingleon says:

    My archives tell me that the Davison Alfa first competed at Rob Roy Hillclimb March 14, 1948 and subsequently Nov. 2, 1948 – Jan 31, 1949. Rupert Steele also drove an Alfa at the same time and whether these were the same car, I can’t confirm. My book on the history of Rob Roy Hillclimb does show Lex driving the car up to 1953 as well as campaigning the rebodied MG TC. From 53, Lex went to Coopers. Full history in “Rob Roy Hillclimb – the hill, the cars, the drivers” – available from the author Leon.Sims.1950@gmail.com

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Leon,
      A small world it is, Martin Stubbs was singing the praises of your book when I visited him yesterday morning!

      Lex was a hillclimb stalwart all the way thru his career, wasn’t he, all over the country too, he didn’t restrict his climbing just to his Victorian ‘home hills’.
      I love that shot of the P3 which I imagine was not a car suited to Rob Roy at all.

      Rupert Steele’s Alfa was the ex-Alf Barrett Monza, owned of course for well over 60 years by Earl Davey-Milne. An even smaller world is that I was at a dinner last nite in Hawthorn and spent most of the evening talking to Troy and Linden Davey-Milne about their dad’s collection of amazing cars! Check out my article on that car if it’s of interest;


      Appreciate both your interest and input.

      • Leon Sims says:

        Mark, I only just saw your comment after all this time.Martin was in touch with me two weeks ago and purchased another book as he lent his and it was never returned. David Mottram put me back on to your sight and I forgot that I had commented previously – Old age can do that to you!!!!

      • markbisset says:

        Thanks Leon,
        Am keeping an eye on your FB page which has some wonderful photos in it. The Stan shot at Kew is an amazing one! Promo shot seems to be the general view.
        David is a close mate, hope to catch up with him next week- and I owe Martin a call!

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