Bentley Speed 8 at Tarra Warra…

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Fotos, Sports Racers
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bentley speed 8 tarra warra

Bentley’s Le Mans winning Speed 8 at Tarra Warra Winery in Victoria’s Yarra Valley in 2006…

I did the biggest double-take of all time when I saw this shot. Its of the 2003 Le Mans winning Bentley Speed 8 I wrote about not so long ago, click here to read the article;

I know Tarra Warra winery and its contemporary art gallery well. Me an’ the ‘little Sabre-Toothed Tigress’ swing past the joint reasonably often; she gets to look at some art, both of us quite like a ‘shandy on a hot summers afternoon’ and I enjoy the drive. She doesn’t of course, at a slower speed she would but that kinda defeats the primary object of the exercise?!

Its well worth a visit for Melburnians or visitors alike. The Yarra Valley is both a beautiful place and a fine wine region, it takes about an hour from Melbourne’s CBD. Tarra Warra is nestled in the green rolling hills between Yarra Glen and Healesville.

Anyway, when I spotted the shot I thought it a ‘Photoshop concoction’ no way was the car there! Not so, there was a launch of a new Bentley at the winery in 2006 and this photo was taken then. I am rather taken by the Speed 8 and the whole Bentley/Le Mans heritage, I woulda cadged an invite somehow had I known the racer was in the country…

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