Brabham BT53 BMW…

Posted: May 30, 2017 in F1, Fotos
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The boost gauge is a sign of the 1.5 litre, turbo GP formula, what a goody it was…

The Brabham BT52 BMW took the world title in Nelson Piquet’s hands in 1983, the cockpit shot is a BT53 during the ’84 British Grand Prix weekend.


The photo above is Piquet’s BT53 being attended to by the cars designer, Gordon Murray, whilst white shirted Paul Rosche, the 4 cylinder BMW engines designer looks on. It’s practice at Hockenheim during the ’84 German GP weekend.

Not a good meeting though, both Teo Fabi and Nelson retired with turbo and gearbox maladies respectively, the McLaren MP4/2 TAG’s of Prost and Lauda were first and second.


Rainer Schlegelmilch




  1. Hoi Polloi says:

    One of the most beautiful F1 cars and I always had a weak spot for Nelson. One of the best drivers (when motivated) and technically able to get the best out of a car, an F1 icon.

    • Hoi Polloi says:

      I remember in 86 Nelson took over Senna in a corner sliding sideways while giving a finger at him, that’s Piquet :))

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