RH Michell’s Citroen Special dates from 1938, the young constructor built it in Woodville, Adelaide…

And that’s about all I know of this little racer.

Did Michell survive the war, did it ever race, if so was it a quick car?

Woodville was the site of some ‘bike and car racing through its streets after the War- I wonder if the car contested an event or two at the place of its birth. It didn’t race in any of the Australian Grands Prix held in South Australia around this time- Victor Harbour in 1936, Lobethal in 1939 nor Nuriootpa in 1950. Mind you, it may have contested a support event.

Intrigued to know anything about this car i tripped over by happenstance…

Photo Credit…

State Library of South Australia

  1. Bill Hollingsworth says:

    I assume this Michell is one of the Michell family involved with wool processing. Henry Michell who was part of that family raced an Elfin 360. One of the Michells founded Hindmarsh Engineering in 1927.

    • markbisset says:

      Yes the spelling is the same, I wondered the same thing. I well remember Henry and Phil Moores exploits in the two Repco engined 360’s.
      I wondered what the Michell family business was, I thought it was in wool? or is that engineering firm in the wool sector?
      The little Special is an odd looking thing, am intrigued to see if it ever raced- one for the SCCSA archives?!

    • markbisset says:

      Sorry, just noticed you had mentioned wool processing.

  2. Garth Foxwell says:

    The ‘RH Mitchell’ associated with the ‘building’ of this car was a garage owner in Woodville SA. I do not know, but I do not think he sitting in the vehicle is the garage owner. The business was in operation in the mid 1920’s and photos of the property (later) show the front of the building to include ‘RH Mitchell late AFC AIF’. These photos are in fact of a time earlier to the photo of the ‘speedster’. More the point to begin though is what Citroen model is the vehicle based on – 5CV or B2, B10. Then, so many more questions like where did it compete, are there more photos and dare I ask – where did it go?!

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Garth,
      You have certainly helped unravel the mystery a bit more. The State Library of South Australia has been a great fishing spot for me- this is one shot captured on one of those missions. If I were still working in SA I would have trundled down to the SCCSA and had a look thru their archives, perhaps Citroen enthusiasts may have heard of the car. I’d forgotten this article but it’s still a nice mystery to solve! Thanks for getting in touch.

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