Lionel Ayers looking focussed and pensive before the off, MRC Mk2 Olds, Lakeside circa 1969…

Love these two John Stanley shots. Many Australian enthusiasts remember this car, both in its original 1968 Traco Oldsmobile engined guise as here and later when fitted with a 5 litre Repco 740 Series V8 a year later.

Whilst Queensland based, Lionel travelled a lot throughout The Great Brown Land finishing second in the four round 1971 Australian Sportscar Championship with this Bob Britton/Rennmax Racing Cars built, spaceframe chassis machine.

MRC is ‘Motor Racing Components’ see the sticker aft of the Webers- it was the pharmacist’s own company which prepared his cars. Why Mk2?- the Mk1 was the Rennmax built Lotus 23 clone which preceded this V8 engined beastie. Both cars still exist, the MRC Mk2 in Repco engined form is owned by Ian Ross and races in ‘historics’ regularly.

I wrote about Lionel in this article, click here to read it;

Photo Credit…

John Stanley Motor Sport Images

Tailpiece: Ayers, MRC Mk2 Olds, Lakeside 1969…


  1. Stephen Fryer says:

    Hi Mark
    The Mk… no. could be Mk 3 because the MRC 22 could be the Mk 1 , MRC T 23 could be Mk 2 and big banger Mk 3 ? . The T 23 is owned by Stephen Fryer and was run for about 12 years until recently….. love the site particularly some/ all of the great photos

    Regards SteveFryer

    • Terry Sullivan says:

      So Stephen, what has happened with the T23?

      • Stephen Fryer says:

        Hi Terry
        I have just finished restoring the Bob Caddy 63 lotus cortina that I’ve had for 40 years !!
        So MRC having a freshen up next !

    • markbisset says:

      Good to hear from you and interesting to know the answer!
      I’ve got Bruce Ayers phone number somewhere! Just need to find it and ring him. I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen the last sportscar referred to as anything other than Rennmax Repco.
      Intriguing to know if the 22 was Lotus 22 or MRC Lotus 22 ditto the 23- what was it entered as ‘in period’?

  2. Stephen Fryer says:

    Hi Mark
    As I understand the Lotus 20 was a lotus and the 22 was MRC 22. ……….Bobby Britten built.
    Now owned by Donald Thallon from Qld

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