No time for a Boags…

Posted: January 21, 2020 in Fotos, Sports Racers
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Chris Amon eases his Ferrari 350 Can-Am into Pub Corner, Longford village during the raceday sportscar support in 1968…

There are plenty of marshals but not too many spectators in evidence on this famously soggy day- the last day of motor racing at Longford. I’ve done this topic to death really but there is no such thing as too much Amon, Ferrari or Longford. See here for the P4/Can-Am 350;

here for Longford;

and here for the 1968 Tasman feature race, the ‘South Pacific Trophy’;


Historic Racing Car Club of Tasmania- D Cooper Collection

Tailpiece: Ferrari P4/Can-Am 350 ‘0858’ at rest, Longford- in the dry 1968…

(D Cooper)

And not a soul in those stands at this particular point of the day.


  1. Bob Morrow says:

    I went to Longford in the mid 70s & was dismayed that there was no reference to the track or race meetings. The Pub had pictures of horse races & footy teams like every other country pub in Australia. I filled up my car at the local servo & the bloke there had no idea of the history. Thankfully that has all been fixed.

    • markbisset says:

      Yes Bob,
      I must go back and have a look, have been to Tassie twice in the last three years but each time have been doing activities in and around Hobart, next time I need to lob up north and have an overnight in Longford, the place has become a bit of an obsession, without counting I will have more articles about or around Longford than any other topic by far!

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