(T Marshall)

Seems to be the point Roger Bailey (or is it Bruce Wilson?) is making to Chris Amon before he takes to the Wigram circuit in January 1968…

The Ferrari lads popped a fresh engine into Chris’ Dino on Friday night so it may well be the thrust of the exchange! Terry Marshall took this wonderful shot, it was a good meeting for Chris, he was second to Jim Clark’s Lotus 49 in The Lady Wigram Trophy on Sunday, while Denny Hulme was third in an F2 Brabham BT23 Ford FVA. The shot below shows Clark’s fag-packet Gold Leaf Team Lotus, Lotus 49 Ford DFW – GLTL making its race debut and taking its maiden win – in front of Chris’ Ferrari.


I’ve done these Tasman Dinos to death in various articles so won’t prattle on again, click on the links below for more on these jewels of machines.

Terry Marshall commented about the weekend, “I was stationed at Wigram (an RNZAF airbase) doing my military service and could hear Amon and Clark howling around in practice while I was learning how to survive an atomic attack by lying down behind any brick or concrete wall that was handy. Makes me laugh just thinking about it!”

(I Peak)

The photos above, and at the end are by Ian Peak the following weekend in the Teretonga paddock. Oh to have been there?! Chris was fourth behind Bruce McLaren’s works BRM P126 V12, Clark’s Lotus 49 Ford DFW and Frank Gardner’s Brabham BT23D Alfa Romeo V8.

Amon’s 1968 Tasman…


(R Bailey Collection)


Roger Bailey by Gordon Kirby, click on ‘Bailey’ to read a fantastic piece on his career. The shot above shows Roger and Chris together, circa 1968.


sergent.com, Terry Marshall and Ian Peak on The Roaring Season, Roger Bailey Collection

Tailpiece: Headless Amon and his perky three-valve Dino Vee-Six…

(I Peak)

Positively erotic isn’t it.


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