Not All McLarens are Successful!: McLaren MP4/9 Peugeot: British GP 1994…

Posted: August 17, 2014 in F1, Who,What,Where & When...?
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Mika Hakkinen under moonlight, British GP Silverstone 1994…

On the face of it the Peugeot V10 made sense, it had won LeMans in the French company’s 905 sportscar twice, and McLaren wanted a long term contract with a major manufacturer of the type it had with Honda, and would start with Mercedes in 1995…

Hakkinen and Martin Brundle struggled with the cars, Nigel Oatleys chassis was fine but the Peugeots were ‘hand grenades’ often exploding with fundamental structural engine failures.

Ron Dennis had had enough by mid year, a deal was brokered which saw Jordan using the engines, and later Prost…all failing to achieve the points haul McLaren did in ’94, still Peugeot have achieved a good ‘bang for their buck’ in rallying , who needs F1?!…


Peugeot A4/A6 3.5 litre V10, 3499cc circa 700-760BHP. McLaren TAG 6 speed, transverse semi-automatic gearbox (Anthony Fosh)

Photo Credits…

Anthony Fosh, Pinterest unattributed

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