Francoise Hardy on the Set of ‘Grand Prix’ 1966…

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Compound curvature, F1
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Lisa in Pete Arons ‘Bell Magnum’…

The iconic John Frankenheimer 1966 ‘Grand Prix’ is an evocative racing epic most of us have seen, if you haven’t make sure you do, it captures the Grand Prix cars of the sixties very essence!

Described by some film purists as ‘a few million dollars worth of star power and a nickels worth of plot’, from a racing point of view its superb, and features cameos of some of the stars of the day including Phil Hill, Graham Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Jack Brabham and Jochen Rindt.

Francoise Hardy plays Lisa, the ‘romantic interest’, in the politesse of the sixties, of Ferrari driver Nino Barlini.


(Getty Images)

Hardy first found fame as a singer and was signed to her first record label at 17. She achieved her first Gold Record in 1962 with ‘Tous Les Garcons et les Filles’. She played minor roles in several films including ‘Whats New Pussycat’, and in ‘Grand Prix’, her primary career has always been as a singer, in French, English, Italian, Spanish and German…

She is now 70 and lives in Paris, and still a style icon…


Francoise Hardy and Jack Brabham, Italian Grand Prix , Monza 1966. The car is Jacks’ 66′ championship winning BT19 Repco, DNF in this race won by Scarfiottis’ Ferrari 312. Jack looks happy and who wouldn’t be? (Bernard Cahier)


‘Lisa’ in Nino’s ‘Ferrari’, which i think, is a Brabham Climax, its certainly a Coventry Climax FWMV V8, despite the exhaust…anyway its all about Francoise not the car…many of the cars used in the film were F3 cars in ‘F1 Drag'(Pinterest)


Bernard Cahier, Pinterest

  1. Bob Morrow says:

    In the photo of Francoise Hardy & Jack , where is his right hand ?

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