Alfa Romeo TZ2: Sebring 12 Hour 1966…

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Wonderful Sebring airfield shot of the Autodelta TZ2’s of Russo/Andrey and Bianchi/Consten…

The Ford GT40 X-1 Roadster of Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby won the race, Russo/Andrey winning their class and placing 14th outright, not bad for a 175BHP car! The Bianchi car did not finish.

Autodelta and TZ1…


Zagato press release of TZ1, the car for both road and track (Carrozzeria Zagato)

Autodelta was formed by Carlo Chiti after the failure of ATS, the Grand Prix team formed by Chiti and other ex-Ferrari staff after the Commendatores’ purge in 1961.

The TZ1 was a collaboration of Autodelta, Alfa Romeo and Zagato. The car was designed by Autodelta using  familiar ‘105 Series’ Alfa components including the engine, 5 speed gearbox and differential. The car was ‘clothed’ by Ercole Spada at Zagato.

Autodelta used a lightweight multi-tubular spaceframe for the chassis’construction, specifying an aluminium body, disc brakes and independent suspension. Iweighed 660Kg.

112 Z1’s were built for both road and track, the car quickly homologated into the 1600 GT class by the FIA becoming a class winner on both sides of the Atlantic.

Alfa realised the importance of Autodelta to build their brand image via racing and acquired the company in 1964, moving it to Milan.


alfa 1

In 1965 the design was refined, creating the TZ2.

It was lighter, fibeglass used for the body, rather than aluminium, tipping the scales at just 620 Kg and lower at 41 inches high.The  Z2 was also more powerful, using a 1600 twin plug engine which gave around 170BHP @ 7000RPM. The engine was dry-sumped to allow it to sit lower in the chassis. Z2 engines were prepared by Autotecnica Conrero in Turin. This engine was homologated for use in the last of the TZ1’s and would be very effective in the GTA ‘105 Series’ touring cars in the years to come.

13 inch Campagnolo wheels were used to make better use of the racing rubber of the day, rather than the 15’s of the Z1.

The chassis’ were built by Ambrosini, 12 were built; 10 racers and a chassis each given to Bertone and Pininfarina to create ‘catwalk models’!

In standard form the car is sensational to look at; low, swoopy, curvaceous, one curve merging into the other until ended abruptly with the ‘chopped-off’ Kamm tail.

The TZ2 was raced 5 times in International events by Autodelta finishing first in class at all of them, Sebring inclusive…

After 18 months of dominating the 1.6 litre GT class, for Autodelta it was time for bigger challenges but the TZ played a pivotal role in Alfas re-entry to Sports Car Racing, the Tipo 33 sports-prototype program picking up where the TZ’s finished…in fact the prototype T33 was powered by a TZ2 engine!

sebring 2

The Russo/Andrey Tz2 being ‘monstered’ by a Ford GT40 Mk2 (Pinterest)



1966 Sebring winning ‘Shelby American’ entered Ford GT40X-1. Driven by Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby. The winning car was a heavily modified GT40 Mk 1 comprising an aluminium rather than steel chassis, a Mk2 nose, no roof, and a 7 litre or 427CID V8, the same engine as a Mk2 (Pinterest)

Zagato Tz Register…





TZ essential elements : multi-tubular space frame chassis, ‘105 Series’ engine, gearbox & diff, 170BHP in TZ2 ‘GTA’ spec. Disc brakes, independent suspension (Unattributed)


tz 1 cutaway

TZ1 Cutaway..but essential elements the same in both cars : Alfa engine/gearbox/diff. Ligh spaceframe chassis, independent suspension front and rear..all clad in gorgeous Zagato body

tz 1 cutaways


Interior of a restored TZ2 (Pinterest)

autodelta 2

testing 2

The tough life of an Autodelta test drive! Balacco 1966. TZ2. (Pinterest)


Targa 1966 was won by the Mairesse/Muller Porsche 906, highest placed TZ2 was the Pinto/Todaro car in fourth place outright, and first in class. Car # 114 in shot is the Zeccoli/Russo car which finished thirteenth (Pinterest)

targa 1

TZ2 Targa Florio 1966 (Pinterest)


Its regarded that 12 TZ2 chassis were built with 2 used as show cars. This is chassis # 750101 the ‘Canguro’, designed by the young Giorgetto Giugiaro whilst at Bertone in 1964. (Pinterest)


The other show car chassis # 750114 was allocated to Pininfarina, who built the ‘Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TZ2 Coupe Pininfarina’ in 1965


Photo Credits…

Nigel Smuckatelli, Pinterest, Carozzeria Zagato, Alfa Romeo

The End…





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