The Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain…

Posted: January 13, 2015 in F1, Who,What,Where & When...?

Pleasure and pain

This great shot shows the sheer excitement of ones’ first Grand Prix…

The photo has amazing ‘people factor’, the cars are superbly placed amongst the crowd, the shot rare in that sense. The composition is great; from the joy and excitement on the teenagers face, the marshalls presence giving a sense of crowd and the sheer lunacy of the photographers handily placed on the exit of the corner where they can nicely cushion the impact of an errant car!

The question is where and when it is?

I lifted the shot from a photographic annual some years ago, the photographer may have been identified but not the place or date as it wasn’t a racing publication and therefore the important stuff to us wasn’t there.

High wings came in later in 1968 and were banned from Monaco ’69, the tyres on the car in front at least, are wider than in ’68 so i think its post Monaco 1969 and either Zandvoort or Clermont Ferrand that year. Dutch and French GP’s respectively.

But i am guessing! An educated guess but a guess all the same.

Any thoughts on who, what, where and when anyone?

  1. graham64 says:

    The track has a dotted line, which means that it is a public road. The only public road circuit used in the 1969 Formula 1 season was Clermont Ferrand, so it must be there. Clermont Ferrand also hosted the French Grand Prix in 1970 and 1972 – so could the photo date from 1970?

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