Jim Hall and Innes Ireland, Monaco 1963…

Posted: January 28, 2015 in F1
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Jim Hall and Innes Ireland chewing the fat, no doubt swapping notes on the setup of their British Racing Partnership Lotus 24 BRM’s…

The Texan took a sabbatical from his growing Chaparral Sports Car program program at home to sharpen his skills in Grand Prix racing, fortunately for motor racing innovation he decided to focus more on the engineering aspects of his programs than his driving, having said that he was a driver of absolute world class, perhaps losing his ultimate edge after his big CanAm shunt late in 1968.

Ireland, the more experienced driver and a Grand Prix winner qualified an excellent 5th, DNF after an accident, Hall qualified 13th and retired on lap 20 with gearbox failure.

Graham Hill won the first of his 5 Monaco victories after Clarks’ Lotus 25 Climax gearbox locked. Richie Ginther, Hills’ teammate was second in another BRM P57 with Bruce McLaren 3rd in a Cooper T66 Climax.

Jim Clark won the drivers championship in the Lotus 25 Climax in 1963, Halls’ best results a 5th and 6th in Germany and Britain respectively. For Ireland, 4ths in both Holland and Italy yielded 6 championship points, 3 in total for Hall.

Hall had the ability to continue in Grand Prix racing but committed to the Chaparral programs in the domestic US sports car series which would become the CanAm Championship, and two fabulous years when his innovative cars wowed fans globally in the World Sports Car Championship in 1966 and 1967.


Jim Hall cruising thru the Nurburgring paddock, German GP 1963. Lotus 24 BRM (unattributed)


jim hall mexico 1963

Jim Hall 8th in the 1963 Mexican GP, Lotus 24 BRM. Race won by Jim Clark, Lotus 25 Climax. (The Cahier Archive)


The Cahier Archive




  1. Dave Turner says:

    Car 25 above is a Lotus 21 pictured at 1962 Mexican GP.

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