Peter Revson: McLaren M8F Chev 1971…

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Sports Racers
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revson m8f close up

Revvie manhandling the big brute to victory in the 1971 CanAm Championship with the required levels of finesse, touch and strength these big, heavy oh-so-spectacular cars required…

Revson won the title by 10 Points from Denny Hulme having won 5 of the 10 rounds.

The M8F was the last of a line of cars which commenced with the 1968 M8A, the new for ’67 M6 and new for ’72 M20 being sufficiently different to be treated outside the M8A/B/D and F 1968-1971 ‘works cars’.

The cars were of course the fastest road racing cars of all at the time.

revson m8f riverside

This shot was taken by noted American journalist/photographer Pete Lyons at the Laguna Seca hairpin in October 1971. Days later Lyons was ‘given the ride of his life’ in this car at Riverside! Lucky boy. Revson won at Laguna from Jackie Stewarts’ Lola T260 Chev and McLaren teammate Denny Hulme. (Pete Lyons)


Tex Hopkins greets Revson, victorious at Watkins Glen July 1971. He won fron Denny Hulme and Jo Siffert Porsche 917PA (Todd Treat)

Revsons 1970 and 1971 seasons in CanAm, in 1970 with the Carl Haas factory Lola T220 Chev, and his Indy performances vaulted him back into F1 with McLaren, his ‘second bite at the F1 cherry’ having done a few races in Parnell entered Lotus BRM’s in 1964. He quickly showed it was right where he belonged.

Such a charismatic driver and tragically talent unfulfilled, his performances in the M23 McLaren in 1973, not just his two GP wins at Silverstone and Mosport showed he was a regular winner if not a champion in the right car. A versatile driver as well, quick in TransAm, CanAm, F1 and Indycars, different disciplines all.

Check out this link for an article on Revsons’ 1973 McLaren M23…

and on the 1970 CanAm M8D…

m8f cutaway

Werner Buhrer cutaway drawing

m8f mosport

Mosport 1971…Denny Hulme and Peter Revson, team and 2X ‘Big Macs’ : McLaren M8F Chev groundshakers. (Unattributed)

denny and peter 1971 m8f

Denny Hulme left and Peter Revson McLaren M8F Chev 1971, the ‘ole Mclaren 1/2…circuit unknown. (Unattributed)


Wener Buhrer,, Todd Treat


  1. Whitemule says:

    Sheer Class Revvie…..yeah I know; he hated that sobriquet.

  2. […] The detailed specification of the McLaren M8F i wrote about a while back; click on this link to read the short article; […]

  3. graham64 says:

    Gotta love the unequal heights and angles of the exhaust stacks in the top photo!

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