Phil Hill: Italian GP Monza 1958…

Posted: April 7, 2015 in F1, Fotos
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Phil Hill, Ferrari Dino 246, Italian GP Monza 1958. His debut GP for Ferrari.

Phil Hill looking fairly relaxed on the occasion of his Ferrari Grand Prix debut…

Hill had been part of Ferraris’ sports car squad since 1955 and ‘shamed’ the chief into promoting him by making his Grand Prix debut in the French GP in Jo Bonniers’ Maser 250F.

He justified Ferraris faith in him placing 3rd in his Dino 246. Tony Brooks Vanwall won the race.

Love Hills’ natty race safety attire! Check, short sleeved blue shirt his first line of defence against fire, mind you the prevailing wisdom of the day was to be thrown clear of the car in the event of a ‘big one’. It’s interesting to reflect on how far safety advanced in the following 10 years. In cars; monocoque chassis, roll bars, 6 point harnesses and fire extinguishers. In terms of driver safety; ‘Nomex’ fire retardant ‘suits, Bell introduced the first ‘Star’ full face helmet in ’68.

Mind you the cars were far faster over that decade, the GP field was ‘winged by the end of ’68 with another leap in performance as a consequence. The circuits hadn’t kept pace though, the Jackie Stewart lead Grand Prix Drivers Association crusade to improve circuit standards and safety was just underway. He was a pariah in the views of some but many drivers lives were saved as a result.

We lose some of the visual splendour of classic circuits and Phils’ striped blue shirts…


Enzo Ferrari & Phil Hill Monza 1958…’just do as i say and you will be fine…'(Jesse Alexander)


1958 Italian GP Start…# 28 Tony Brooks & # 30 Stuart Lewis-Evans, both in Vanwall VW57’s & Mike Hawthorns’ Ferrari Dino 246. Brooks the winner of the race from Hawthorn & Hill. Lewis-Evans DNF. (Unattributed)

phil 2

Phil Hill Ferrari Dino 246 Italian GP Monza 1958…that steering wheel is so ‘period’! (Jesse Alexander)

Photo Credit…

Jesse Alexander

  1. graham64 says:

    Note the watch on his left wrist. I wonder why he wore it – I can’t imagine him checking the time during a race!

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