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Taffy von Trips settles himself into his F2 Ferrari Dino 156 #0008 on the grid of the 1960 Italian Grand Prix, Monza, September 6…

The cars designer, Carlo Chiti looks on. Click on the link below to my article, I’ve converted a 100 word quickie on a Monaco vista in 1960 into a feature on a significant Ferrari thanks to a tangent introduced by reader Grant Perkins for reasons which are clear in the text; https://primotipo.com/2015/10/04/monaco-panorama-1958/

This car, Ferrari Dino 246P/156 0008, is the Scuderia’s first mid-engined car.



Ferrari factory test driver Martino Severi drives the brand new, mid-engined 246P 0008 on 22 May 1960 at Modena. Ginther and Hill also drove it that day, it’s a week before its Monaco GP debut. It’s not as gorgeous as it became in Fantuzzi bodied 1961 156 form, but luvverly all the same

Dino 246P 0008’s evolution from 2.5-litre mid-engined GP prototype in Ginther’s hands at Monaco 1960 to 1.5-litre Dino 156 Syracuse 1961 GP winner for Giancarlo Baghetti within 12 months is an interesting story.



Richie Ginther at Monaco 1960 for his, and Ferrari Dino 246P 0008’s GP debut.

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Archie Smith


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