1948 Ferrari 166S…

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Fotos, Sports Racers
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ferrari 1948

The artistry of some folks never ceases to amaze, Yoshiro Inomoto is one of the best of the ‘cutaway artists’, this is his Ferrari 166S…

Three cars were built using a 2 litre version of the Colombo 60 degree V12 giving circa 150bhp@7000rpm.

The first two were bodied by Carozzeria Allemano and were successful; the cars won both the 1948 Targa Florio, Troubetzoy/Biondetti in a 166S and Mille Miglia, Biondetti/Navone in a 166 Coupe. Both race winners were destroyed, of the 3 cars only the ‘goggle-eyed’ one drawn by Inomoto survives.

fazz 166s

The winning Ferrari 166S of Troubetzoy/Biondetti leads the 16th placed Lancia Aprilia of Piccinini/Marzotto (unattributed)


Yoshihiro Inomoto, Klemantaski Collection


ascari mm

Alberto Ascari on the way to winning the production sports car race at the ‘International Daily Express Trophy’ Meeting 26 August 1950. Factory Ferrari 166MM Barchetta (Klemantaski Collection)

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