1953 Indianapolis 500…

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Billy Vukovich leading the Indy 500 in his Kurtis Kraft Offy, he won the race from the similar cars of Art Cross and Sam Hanks…

Vukovich dipped out on victory in 1952 with a steering gear failure several laps from the end, in ’53 he led from lap 1 and 195 of the 200 laps in total. The event was run in searing heat which required the use of 16 relief drivers, Billy drove the race himself in a tough, gritty display.

32 of the starters used the DOHC 4 cylinder Meyer-Drake ‘Offy’, the other engine the famous Novi V8, finally Kurtis Kraft supplied 22 of the 33 chassis which contested the race.


Max Staub, Racing One


Vukovich rejoins the race after a pitstop, Kurtis Kraft, Indy 1953 (Racing One)


  1. graham64 says:

    Second place finisher Art Cross also drove the 500 miles solo as well. Carl Scarborough died of heat exhaustion shortly after being relieved by Bob Scott.

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