Lancia Aurelia GT2500 B20 Coupe 1954…

Posted: January 17, 2016 in Fotos, Icons & Iconoclasts
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Anything designed by Vittorio Jano works for me…

Unitary chassis construction, 2451cc OHV V6, Weber twin throat carb, circa 118bhp @ 5000rpm. 115mph. 4 speed box but the transaxle was innovatively located at the rear as are inboard mounted drum brakes.

Front suspension sliding pillar, semi trailing arms at rear, De Dion tube on fourth series cars.

The car was remarkably advanced for its time, one of a series of stunning Lancia’s designed by Jano, the ‘apex of which’ was the D50 GP car which first raced at Barcelona in the 1954 Spanish Grand Prix.

B20 Coupe body Ghia designed and Pininfarina built, Francesco de Virgilio the senior member of Jano’s design team.

lancia 2500

These cars also useful competition tools; here is the Johnny Lurani/Sambuynd Gatta GT2500 during the 1953 French Rallye des Alpes on the Passo Pordoi. (Mailander)


Credit…Automobile Year

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