Bruce McLaren Portrait 1967…

Posted: April 5, 2016 in F1, Fotos, Sports Racers
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Bruce McLaren poses for this studio shot on 26 April 1967…

He was the all-rounder; tester, driver, designer, engineer, company director…and male model! I bet Teddy Mayer had to twist his arm for this job tho. ‘Daily Express’ shot so it was possibly to go with a feature on the multi-talented Kiwi Champion.

A good year, the team took its first Can Am title, Bruce winning in the M6A Chev he co-designed with Robin Herd. He raced a factory Ford GT40 Mk4, in sports car events, one of Dan Gurney’s Eagle T1G’s whilst his own GP car was made race-ready, then of course there were the Elva built customer cars to consider and sponsors to look after. And a company to run…

Credit: McKeown/Getty Images, Dave Friedman Archive, The Enthusiast Network


McLaren and his M6A Chev at the 1967 Road America Can Am, Denny Hulme won this round. Look closely and you can see the ‘McLaren Engines Flower Power’ decal on the 6 litre, injected, ‘Heavy-Chevys’ rocker cover! (Dave Friedman)


Bruce McLaren, Road America September 1967. DNF with an oil leak from grid 1. Hulme in the other M6A took the win  (Dave Friedman)


Tailpiece: Las Vegas sunset, Stardust Raceway, Bruce McLaren and M6A Chev, 14 November 1967…


Not a good race weekend for Bruce as he blew an engine from grid 1, but he did win the ’67 championship! Surtees took the round win in his Lola T70 Mk3B Chev (The Enthusiast Network)





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