Posted: April 10, 2016 in Fotos, Obscurities
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(Bert Hardy)

Paul Emery racing ‘the wrong way’ at Brands Hatch in 1951…

Car is the Emeryson 500 front-engined and front wheel drive car built by he and his family. Click here for an interesting article on the various Emeryson cars.


The photo below is Emery being pushed onto the grid in his Emeryson JAP twin 500cc car ‘for race 1, amateur built cars, the very first race at Brands Hatch during the inaugural Brands event on 16 April 1950’.



Bert Hardy, Fox Photos

  1. Mark, where do you find some of this stuff? It is fantastic!

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks ‘Spyder’, I have an eye for the obscure! When I sit in front of the telly I google away, it’s funny the stuff you trip over. The website is random because the photos I find drive the content, I seem to be going thru a pre-1960 phase @ present, funny as my own interests are from about then on! Mark

    • markbisset says:

      ‘Spyder’ can you help me with the specs of the 911 ‘S/T’ packs fitted to the cars raced by McKeown and Foley in 1969/71, have got the capacity increase but intrigued to know what these factory ‘kits’ comprised? Many thanks if you can assist, article nearly finished but I’m light on for detail, Mark

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