# 1 Senna, then Brundle, Allen Berg in the white/red helmet, #9 Eric Lang, #4 Calvin Fish all Ralt RT3/83, first lap British GP F3 race 16 July 1983 (Schlegelmilch)















Ayrton Senna has Martin Brundle right ‘up his clacker’ during the 1983 British GP F3 support race at Silverstone, Ralt RT3 Toyota’s both. Senna prevailed by a second over 20 laps, 16 July 1983…

And so it was for the season; Senna’s ‘West Surrey Racing’ entry took 12 wins and the title from Martin’s ‘Eddie Jordan Racing’ 6 wins but Brundle came ‘home like a train’ winning three of the last four rounds and setting up a thrilling last round confrontation, won by Senna at Silverstone on 23 October. Both drivers used the dominant Toyota 2T-G powered Ralt RT3/83, the car updated from the prior year in terms of sidepods and suspension geometry.

Both drivers jumped into Grand Prix racing in 1984; Senna with Toleman and Brundle with Tyrrell.


Rainer Schlegelmilch, David Lister,



Senna #1 and Brundle on the front row of the 1983 British GP F3 support race. Ralt RT3/83 Toyota (Lister)



  1. Phanou says:

    Hi, on the first picture, the driver between Brundle and Lang is Allen Berg on the second Eddie Jordan Car. By the way thank you for your wonderful site, please keep on the good job, for me it’s the best motorsport related blog I can think of. Phanou

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Phanou,
      Both for the good words and the spot. Allen Berg raced the ’83 Calder AGP in a Ralt RT4 F Pac, he was 7th and a smidge off the ultimate pace but still impressive. Roberto Moreno took one of his 3 AGP RT4 wins that year. Allen raced in NZ too- a few F1 races too didn’t he?

      • Phanou says:

        I don’t really remember of him as a driver, only the fact that he was the GPI Driver (Grand Prix International was available in France). He is the kind of driver you realize years later that he is not around anymore and you wonder what went wrong for him…

      • markbisset says:

        As you well know the pyramid gets sharper as you ascend! He did quite a few GP’s for Osella so he ‘got there’! Mid eighties a good time for sportscar rides, but maybe he didn’t chase them.

      • Phanou says:

        I Totally agree with you. It’s just frustrating to see some talented drivers vanish in general indifference when so many rich guys crowd the starting grids year after year… But that’s what motorsport has always been about.

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