Oddjob’s Aston…

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Compound curvature, Obscurities
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Oddjob shows off James Bond’s Aston DB5 outside the Hilton Hotel in the PR hoopla around Goldfinger’s release in 1965…



Goldfinger was the third film of the Bond ‘franchise’, James copped a new company car of course, an Aston DB5 and so commenced a relationship between Bondy and Aston’s which has endured down the decades. It was an astute bit of product placement on the part of David Brown and his marketers, sales and company profile grew as a consequence.

Aston Martin’s haven’t been Jame’s only conveyance of choice, click on this link for a list of all the cars used in the Bond films;



Sean Connery on ‘Goldfinger’ location with DB5 (Donaldson Collection)

Because I know you simply have to know, here’s a comprehensive list of all the goodies ‘Q’ fitted to the DB5 to keep James away from the baddies;






And One for the Rich Kids…


The portly young chap is at the wheel of a DB5 ‘Junior’ in the Iranian Embassy, London December 1966. Its a gift from Aston’s to the Shah of Persia or Crown Prince of Iran, dude at right the Iranian Ambassador








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