Posted: June 23, 2016 in F1, Fotos
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Some say this is the best view of modern Grand Prix cars, it’s not only ‘crusty curmudgeons’ who are subscribers to that theory either…

Personally the cars of every era appeal to me, mind you the technology of the current crop is beyond my ‘non physics’ brain! It’s the sound of the things, or lack thereof which gives me the shits! There is, or was, nothing on the planet like the visceral, primeval scream of an F1 engine in anger. Till the present. When the sounds of the cars in a GP weekend’s supporting races or demos surpass that of the main event you know things are ‘Daffy Ducked’!

The artistic shots are of the Lotus Team, Pastor Maldonado above and Romain Grosjean below during Abu Dhabi qualifying at Yas Marina during the November 2015 GP weekend.

The Lotus E23 Mercedes were Q 15 and 13 respectively with Grosjean 8th in the race won by Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes F1 WO6, Maldonado DNF.



Mark Thomson

  1. graham64 says:

    I think that Formula 1 has reached the point of no return in terms of entertainment and racing.
    My suggestion – rip up the rulebook and let the designers build whatever they think might win!

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