1935 Pau Grand Prix…

Posted: September 4, 2016 in F1, Who,What,Where & When...?
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Tazio Nuvolari in his Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo P3/Tipo B after winning the ’35 Pau Grand Prix…

Nuvolari and Rene Dreyfus dominated the 25 February 80 lap, 137 mile race in their Scuderia Ferrari P3’s finishing 1st and 2nd, Rene 26 seconds adrift of his team leader. Tazio was so happy, he did not one but two victory laps, the shot above is the end of the celebration!




Keystone France


Dreyfus ahead of Nuvolari, Pau 1935. Alfa P3, 3.2 litre straight 8 (Keystone)


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