judy dent

F C Gundlach is a celebrated German photographer, he took a series of shots of British Model Judy Dent at the Avus in 1962…

Gundlach is regarded as the German’s most important fashion photographer in the post war period. His work is highly rated for its craftsmanship, technical finesse and staging. For the technically minded photographers, he normally used a 28mm wide angle lens as it ‘allows closer proximity to the models, a sharper perspective and higher depth of field’.

Formula Junior XIV International Avusrennen 13 May 1962…

A little bit of fossicking aided by the ‘F2 Register’ shows, i think, these photos were taken at the Avus, Berlin in May 1962, a round of the German FJ Championship won that year by Kurt Ahrens Jnr. Jo Siffert won the Avus round in his Lotus 22 Ford.

The first shot below is, i think, the Lotus 22 Ford of Ahrens Jnr, he actually raced a Cooper T59 Ford, but he and his father raced both Cooper T59 and Lotus 22, so my guess is Kurt tested the Lotus but elected to race his trusty Cooper.

avus 1

Judy Dent again in  a lovely ‘Saga’ fur coat. Car below is the Cooper T56 Ford of Gunter Schramm, 7th in the aggregate of 2 races, and 4 th in the Championship.

avus 2

The Ahrens Jnr Lotus 22 Ford again, below

avus 3

Lotus 22 Ford of Kurt Ahrens Snr. He was 10th in the race on aggregate and finished 3rd in the Championship.

lotus 21

Photo Credit…F C Gundlach

  1. Ken Collins says:

    The Cooper looks more like a T56 than a T59, judging by the bulk of the body, the rear suspension and it appears to have drum brakes.

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