The Lady in Red…

Posted: December 4, 2016 in Compound curvature, Sports Racers
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This photo of the ‘Lady in Red’ was originally published in the UK’s ‘Picture Post’, but the caption is devoid of all the information we want; car, driver, place. The date of the pic is 20 September 1952…

It’s a C Type Jag, it looks like Stirling Moss, maybe some of you Brits can help with the meeting place and date?

Reader David Scothorn got in touch to advise that the photo, taken by Zoltan Glass, was probably during the August 1952 meeting at Boreham.

The lady is ‘…wearing a Dior style coat, modelling it to show off a winter collection. As far as the lady is concerned we have no leads there. We’ve tried various Google searches and face recognition but nothing has turned’. Its great that part of the mystery is solved!


Zoltan Glass, David Scothorn



  1. Stephen says:

    Mark, based on the date you quote, the most likely event this photo was taken iwould be the August 1952 Boreham meeting. The car should be Tommy Wisdom’s C Type with ‘MDU 212’ rego.

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Stephen,
      The Getty Images dates can be a bit ropey, sometimes meeting date and sometimes publication dates may be used. But the facts fit, many thanks, it’s a fun shot isn’t it!

  2. Hoi Polloi says:

    Photographer Zoltan Gass

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