Who’s a Pretty Boy then?…

Posted: December 20, 2016 in F1, Sports Racers
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Roger Penske fits the mould of racer-billionaire rather nicely, as a model he doesn’t look quite so comfy…

I found these Zerex Special shots, as is so often the case lookin’ for something else. They are interesting in an historical context in the journey this chassis took. F1-16-61 was built as a Cooper T53 GP car then converted into an edgy central seat sportscar by Penske and his team. It then evolved into a two-seater and finally passed into Bruce McLaren’s hands as a foundation piece in his journey to ultimate Can-Am domination a few years later.

So, in the McLaren pantheon, its an important car. I wrote about it early in 2015, click here to read the article; https://primotipo.com/2015/03/19/roger-penske-zerex-special/


Cooper fans will easily pick the origins of the chassis. Both the photo date, September 1963, and the two equally sized seats reveal this as the third evolution of the car.

When the SCCA regulators, aided and abetted by some very cranky competitors and car owners cracked- the-shits with Roger’s innovative Rule Bender they re-wrote the regs to ensure sportscars were two seaters rather than Rogers seat-and-a-bit approach. This is the bendy-tube rebuild of the car at that time to meet the new rules…


James Drake




  1. Very interesting images, showing the modifications made to the Cooper T53 chassis to widen it and make it legal again.
    The remains of the car still exist in Venezuela, but the engine is now back in the Cooper T54 “Indy” car from where it came in the first place.

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