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When I first saw this shot I had a chuckle at the Auto Union logo on the ‘brolly, merchandising and brand placement goes back so far, there is nothing new under the sun?!…

And then I wondered which car and where of course, and as is so often the case with the Getty Archive there are no useful details. It makes the detective work a challenge, there are obviously not a lot of hints in this shot!


But I think it may be Bernd Rosemeyer’s victorious 1936 ADAC Eifelrennen winning Type C, 3 litre V16 engined car. The number fits, the photo was taken by a German agency and the exhaust pattern, two into one ‘drainpipe’ seems to fit with the limited number of shots I can see of Bernd that day. But all correspondence will of course be entered into.

Rosemeyer won the 13 June event from teammate Hans Stuck, the two 6 litre V16’s ahead of Antonio Brivio’s Alfa Romeo 12C 4.1 litre V12. Checkout the website, my favourite for this period, and their detailed race report, just scroll down to the race;


Rosemeyer, AU Type C, 1936 Eifelrennen (ullstein)



Ullstein Bild





  1. steven king says:

    except the suspension looks to be faired over on Getty’s ?

    • markbisset says:

      Good point Steven, removed for the race maybe? Really struggling to come up with another race that year in which he competed with that number and an engine with those style of exhausts.
      They tested of course, it may well be a test day but you wouldn’t necessarily expect numbers used during a test session. Nice mystery! I love the Getty material but the captions or lack thereof often throw up research challenges!

      • steven king says:

        thanks Mark for your response and the whole project; common interests here.
        looking at it further, could it be the enclosed one, with the top off?
        Yes, the number stumps me, but there looks like the nacelle behind the wheels in the foreground …
        again,love your work,

  2. steven king says:

    emailed some reference that maybe answers this little mystery

  3. steven king says:

    looking through my own stash (no attributions so no attachments) finds streamliners, numbered,
    and notably miserable conditions … hard to prove, but I am convinced that your mystery will turn out to be Avus but 1935, and Rosemeyer’s Type B ‘Lucca’ Rennlimousine.

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