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Posted: January 30, 2018 in F1, Who,What,Where & When...?
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(I Smith)

James Hunt, Elfin MR8C Chevrolet F5000, ‘Rose City 10000’ November 1978…

James Hunt ran true to form whilst on a short sojurn to Australia after the end of his Marlboro Team McLaren season in 1978, he had a very good time and won the race! He was also the supreme professional as he went about mastering the circuit and a car unfamiliar to him. Winton short circuit ain’t exactly the Nurburgring mind you. Nor was the ’76 World Champion new to F5000’s- he had Eagle and Lola experience of these 500 bhp roller-skates ‘Stateside.

I’ve covered this meeting in an earlier article on Garrie Cooper’s MR8 design, these photos by Ian Smith were too good not to share, click here to read the article;

No other Elfin model had so many world class drivers steer them- Hunt, Vern Schuppan, Didier Pironi, Larry Perkins and Bruce Allison is not a bad roll call…

(I Smith)


Ian Smith


(I Smith)



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