1968 Panther GT by Bertone…

Posted: June 12, 2018 in Obscurities, Sports Racers
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Panther GT clay model, at the October-November 1968 Turin Motor Show…

Scuderia Brescia Corse was founded by a group of racers disaffected by their local governments refusal to reignite the Mille Miglia. The outfit, named after the town where the Mille started, prepared cars of any type for privateers wealthy enough to use their services. The roll-call of their top drivers down the years is impressive and includes Carlo Facetti, Teodoro Zeccoli, Giampiero Moretti, Umberto Maglioli and Nino Vaccarella. The variety of cars raced is also mouth-watering- Porsche 906, Ford GT40, Ferrari 206S, 512M and Alfa T33’s included. By the late sixties the team had become quite successful in regional, national and international events.

At the Bertone stand in Turin Scuderia Brescia Corse showed a model of a car the team intended to build to contest the World Sportscar Championship- shortly thereafter at the Geneva Show the stunning prototype was unveiled.

The car had some quite original thinking including an alloy and titanium monocoque (also described as a spaceframe in some sources) chassis, hydraulically controlled rear spoiler and 24 volt electrics to allow the use of smaller, lighter conductors.

BRM were the intended engine provider- their 3 litre V12 was initially to be the cars motor but in the end the team courted Maserati instead. In time honoured fashion sufficient funding could not be secured so the car withered on the vine- a shame, it would have been a welcome addition to grids awash with variety in the immediate pre-1970 period.


 Getty Images, Petrolicious, Pinterest


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