Rays Formula Libre race…

Posted: October 28, 2018 in Fotos, Obscurities
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It can only be a Formula Libre race, somehow I doubt 4 year old Ray Dones had a future as a race promoter…

This shot of the little dude and his eclectic grid of racers was taken at the Denver Toy and Hobby Show on 3 April 1965, but it could just as easily be me at the ‘Scalextric’ track at Rosebud on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in 1969.

We ‘useter holiday at McCrae during the long, hot Australian summer- in between working on the ‘tan my brother and cousin spent lotsa time and money on donuts and laps at that place up the road in the Summer of ’69.

I never did parlay my Scalextric pace at 11 to exceptional Formula Vee speed at 21, sadly!


Georgia Lowell


McCrae in the summer of ’69


  1. Bill Hollingsworth says:

    We are still at it. https://youtu.be/_L8XEkZ7gAQ

  2. McCarthy, Andrew says:

    I remember that quite well …. it was next to the mini golf place 🤔

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Bill Hollingsworth says:

    Cars in the photo look like a Russkit F1 sharknose Ferrari and behind is an AMT RTR 1966 Ford Galaxie on the left and an AMT RTR 1966 Chevrolet Impala on the right.

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