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Posted: November 17, 2018 in Touring Cars
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(M Bishop)

Bryan Thomson’s VW Chev V8 ‘Volksrolet’ at Hume Weir in 1975…

I love photographer Mark Bishop’s wit in relation to this mega-shot-‘Look closely- proof even Doctor Who went to Hume Weir Raceway to watch Bryan Thomson’. It’s the marshalls communications phone box, PMG issue at the time behind Bryan- Post Master General’s department, the precursor of Australia Post and Telstra.

Check out Thommo’s form as he tips the McLaren M10B F5000 ‘parts-bin’ Volksrolet sideways into Pit Straight with the right-front pawing the air. What an iconic, awesome and tricky beast it was, tamed so well by Shepparton’s finest.

Thommo this time hiking the front left at Calder’s ‘Tin Shed’, in front of the landlord, Bob Jane’s Holden Monaro GTS350 in December 1974 (B Keys)

Photo Credits…

Mark Bishop, Bruce Keys

Tailpiece: Thomson and Jim McKeown, Porsche 911 Turbo, Hume Weir 1975…

John Mann’s Cortina Repco Holden and Mike Stillwell’s Escort BDG in the distance (M Bishop)


  1. Rob says:


    I hadn’t realised how dangerous the old Hume Weir circuit was, what with unprotected telephone boxes and trees by the edge of the track. It reminds me of the Mick Doohan “No Place To Race” ad campaign.



    • markbisset says:

      Sorry to say I’ve not been there, by the time I started racing it was not too long gone and in the last couple of decades I’ve gone past dozens of times on the way to Thredbo but just not taken the time to have a look at what is left. But I really must do it one day, enthusiasts in that part of the world had it great for a decade and a bit when both Winton and Hume Weir were in simultaneous use. At least wonderful Winton is still with us.

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