Australian Tourist Trophy, Southport 1955…

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The Benowa/Southport road circuit taking in 5.7 miles of Gold Coast hinterland was shortlived…

The November 1954 Formula Libre Australian Grand Prix for cars was run and won there by Lex Davison in an HWM Jaguar after Stan Jones massive accident due to chassis failure of Maybach 2 gifted his fellow Melburnian the win.



The Oz Motorcycle Tourist Trophy was contested on the 16 October weekend in 1955 and won by Eric Hinton, see here for a summary of his career;

These two photos are uber-rare colour shots of the circuit and capture the nature and flavour of the place marvellously.

The ‘bike is an AJS 7R, the name the rider is D Fletcher from WA- a long journey from WA to Queensland’s Gold Coast then- thanks to enthusiast Peter Shannon for providing the competitor details. Checkout the scene- plenty of ciggies, hats and trousers which date the photograph- whereas colourful white hatted ‘cool dude’ in centre shot would fit right in at Burleigh Heads now. Similarly, the fellow in the dark T-Shirt, perhaps one of the riders, looks contemporary.

Hazell and Moore (the truck) were importers and distributors of motorcycles and operated their business in most of the Australian States, what company were they absorbed into I wonder?



Shannon advises the race start above appears to be the Australian Senior TT race.

Number 25 is R Richardson Norton 500 (NSW), #26 Edwards on his AJS, #1 J Godfrey AJS 359 (NSW), #2 is Hinton on the winning Norton 500. Number 5 is B Hodgkinson, Norton 500 (NSW) Peter points out is listed in the race program as #4 and #5 in the Junior TT with his assumption that the rider didn’t change numbers between the races.

Benowa was soon replaced as Queensland’s main racetrack by the Lowood Airfield- you can still drive the Benowa/Southport roads but the built-up urban nature of the Gold Coast, now a major growth corridor, bares absolutely no resemblance to these scenes. Mind you, it was sixty plus years ago.

There is a bit about Lowood towards the end of this article;


Right hander near the Nerang River with the Golf Course entrance on the left. Perils of the road track readily apparent (Fisher/Pearson)



I’ve managed to lose the photo credits in my excitement, perhaps one of you citizens of Bob Williamson’s Old Australian Race Photos Facebook page can set me straight. Peter Shannon for getting in touch with competitor details.  Speedway and Road Race History, Alec Fisher/Maurice Pearson Collection


Tailpiece: Morry Minor, Miss Coolangatta Glenys Wood and Eric Hinton on 1955 victory parade lap…









  1. Peter Shannon says:

    No 26 is D. Fletcher from WA, No 37 D Simon Qld No 4 A E Edwards Qld.
    The race start appears to be the Australian Senior TT race. No. 25 is R Richardson (NSW) on a 500 Norton. No. 1 is J. Godfrey (NSW) on 359 AJS, No 2 is Eric Hinton on 500 Norton, No. 5 is B. Hodgkinson (NSW) on 500 Norton (in the programme his riding number is listed as no 4 and in the Junior no 5, I assume he never changed it between races)

    • markbisset says:

      Thanks Peter,
      That is of huge assistance, I’ve updated the article and attributed you- many thanks for getting in touch. Did you attend the meeting? If so what are your recollections?

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