Brickmakers Beach, Tasmania…

Posted: July 1, 2019 in Fotos, Who,What,Where & When...?
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Bevan Wylie flat out in the Fiat Special at Brickmakers Beach, North Western Tasmania in 1959…

It appears both Bevan and Stan Allen ran the car at the beach on that particular day. The car raced widely in Tasmania at all of the local venues including Longford in 1958 and Baskerville as well as Tasmanian ‘climbs- I wonder if it still exists?

Wylie raced a number of cars including a Ford 10 Special in the late fifties, the FBW Special in the early seventies and an Elfin 600 into the late seventies.

The North-West Motor Cycle Club ran many events at Brickmakers, 209 km from Launceston, the ‘capital’ of North Tasmania on a then isolated stretch of coast near Stanley and close to Cowrie from at least 1946 into the fifties.

The events comprised contests, both open and handicap over distances from a quarter mile to five miles.

Car racing is more intriguing- or is it some sort of speed record attempt?


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