(B Thomas)

Glyn Scott, Jaguar E-Type during the 1966 Surfers Paradise 12 Hours. The Queenslander shared the car with Shepparton’s finest, Bryan Thomson.

I popped this photo up on my primo FB page a couple of weeks ago and Bryan Thomson responded via our mutual friend, Stephen Dalton. ‘Yes Mark, this was my current road car in 1966. The first E-Type in Shepparton, purchased second-hand with 70,000 miles on the clock.’

‘We dropped the sump, fitted new big end and main bearing shells in preparation for the race and drove it up to Surfers. We won the production sportscar class and drove home again. And the nay-sayers claim that Jags aren’t reliable?!’

Inside the Roxburgh/Whiteford/Colwell Datsun Fairlady (B Thomas)


Thommo in the mid-sixties, doesn’t he look like a spring-chookin’? Circa 31 years old (S Dalton)

‘While we won the class there were some dramas. At about two-thirds distance Glyn was approaching the fast right-hander under Dunlop Bridge and on turn-in the steering came up (on the adjustment only), but Glyn thought the wheel had come off!! The E ran wide off the circuit and through a table-drain, damaging the outside rear wheel.’

‘We pitted, fitted the spare and pressed on. This meant we had no spare in case of further drama. I scurried up to the control tower and broadcast a request for a “loan-spare” if there was one among the spectator cars. Ten minutes later there were two on the way!!’ Motor-‘sport’ of the day.’ Thommo.

(Jag Magazine)


Brier Thomas, Jaguar Magazine, Bryan Thomson, Stephen Dalton Collection


(Jag Magazine)

The Jag about to be swallowed by the third placed Bartlett/Chivas Mildren Racing Alfa Romeo TZ2.

Jackie Stewart and Andy Buchanan won in the Scuderia Veloce Ferrari 250LM. See here for a piece on the 1966 Surfers Speedweek; https://primotipo.com/2015/02/13/jackie-stewart-at-surfers-paradise-speed-week-1966-brabham-bt11a-climax-and-ferrari-250lm/


  1. Rob Bailey says:

    Can we ask Bryan who the early owners of that car are? I think when it was about a year old ,it was bought by a well known Ballarat business man who used it as fast transport between Ballarat ,Melbourne ,Portalington and Yarrawonga hence the high mileage .

    • markbisset says:

      Morning Rob,
      Gimme the name and i’ll put it to him.

    • markbisset says:

      From Thommo via Stephen. ‘The “Surfers” E-Type was a 1963/4 model purchased by a Melbourne real estate company, “Paynes Properties”. It was a fast commute to the Gold Coast for company executives relating to developments at Surfers, hence the high mileage. I THINK it was purchased from Barry Jupp, and i traded a Valiant daily driver. Thommo’.
      What a memory, and or great records! Its only 55 years ago!

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