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Glyn Scott supervises Leo Geoghegan who is about to have a guest steer of Glyn’s P3 at Oran Park in 1968 (Bowin Cars)

When Bowin founder, John Joyce returned to Australia after a four year stint working for Lotus Components, he built this Bowin – P3-101-68 for Glyn Scott.

Scott raced the 1.6-litre Ford FVA engined car from July 1968 until May 1970, he then ran an Elfin 600 until his untimely, sad death. See here for a story on Glyn; https://primotipo.com/2020/07/24/glyn-scott/

This article is intended to be read in conjunction with my feature about Joyce’s early Bowin years including construction of three P3s published in this fortnight’s Auto Action #1810, published May 6-19, 2021. Click here to buy it; https://autoaction.com.au/issues/auto-action-1810

Editor Bruce Williams will pickle my testicles if I cut-his-lunch. This piece uses extra material relating to Bowin #1 we couldn’t fit in the more general 2,000 word AA piece. Much of the information was provided by Adelaide’s Ian Peters who has owned this marvellous car since 1983.

Merv Waggott engines were very successful in 1969. Glyn Scott had seen first-hand just how potent and reliable they were chasing Max Stewart’s 1.6-litre powered Mildren Waggott, so he ordered a 2-litre TC-4V for his new Elfin 600.

He and Norm Mellor removed the ex-Piers Courage Ford FVA #7044 and FT200 Hewland transaxle from the Bowin and installed them in Glyn’s Lotus 23B. The extra 30bhp or so over and above that of the Lotus-Ford twin-cam fitted to the 23B gave that old beast a useful performance kicker.

P3-101-68 was sold as a roller to Edward Scauster of Annerley, Queensland a fortnight before Glyn’s death – and from him to Wayne Newton in Sydney’s Pennant Hills that October 1970.

Rebuilt as an ANF3 car, he raced it for three years before selling to Taren Points John Crouchley, he raced it for a further two years before moving it on to Burwood Auto Electrics – still in Sydney.

They only hung onto it for a couple of months before P3 became a South Australian in October 1975 – it has resided there ever since. D Manfield of Brooklyn Park raced it for a couple of years, then Home Autotune Services in Prospect from March 1978.

When Ian Peters acquired it the car was fitted with one of Brian Sampson’s Motor Improvements prepared Toyota Corolla F3 engines – one of the top-gun choices during the 1.3-litre F3 days.

P3-101-68 in Burwood Auto Electrics ANF guise (I Peters)
P3-101-68 in Adelaide as purchased by Peters at auction in 1983 (I Peters)

The car wasn’t butchered too much along the way albeit the bodywork was modernised and a rear wing added in the quest for speed.

The nose looks a bit Cheetah Mk6 but is not, the rear wing in its final yellow livery is Birrana 274.

By then the distinctive four-spoke Bowin mag-alloys were gone but “the quality of the car shone through just looking at the beautifully made aluminium tub” recalls Peters after first spotting it amongst the road cars in Kearns Auctions, Prospect, showrooms.

“There was no interest, it needed a lot of work, I bought it well. I didn’t have much money at the time so it was a great project where I could add some value and learn along the way. I’d been club racing a Lotus Elan and a Seven and wanted to get into a racing car.”

“I pulled it down and worked out what I had. The plan was to restore it as an historic Group O car. CAMS were a bit more accommodating then, I was allowed to build it with a Lotus-Ford twin-cam even though P3-101-68 hadn’t raced as such, but Ian Fergusson’s P3 had.”

“It had a four-speed VW box, the wrong wheels and body. The driveshafts with donuts had been replaced by whoofing-big Hooke-type joints. The suspension was original but brutalised, the rear cast uprights were good – the oil tanks were gone and tough to recreate.”

“I got in touch with John Joyce at Bowins, he was delighted the first Bowin was being made-good. I soon had drawings on the way and a body being made by GS Motor Bodies in Brookvale, who had made them in the day. Magnesium technologies cast some new wheels”

“After Glyn’s death, the Lotus 23B, still with Ford FVA fitted, was sold to Alan Ling and Bruce Gowans in Tasmania for Bruce to drive. They later fitted a Waggott engine, in that deal the FVA was traded to Paul England Engineering in Melbourne. My research ended when I discovered the engine had been fitted in a speedboat which sank, the engine was not recovered!”

“The FT200 gearbox was sold at the same time as the engine – it ended up in one of Peter Turnham’s Turnham sporties in Tasmania.”

“I wanted to fit an FVA but they were hugely expensive, so I gradually began buying bits from about 2007, whenever I saw them advertised or had a lead. I sold the MI Corolla motor and bought the Lotus twin-cam from Bob Holden in Sydney. He claimed it was one of his ex-Bathurst engines and had also been fitted in Peter Hopwood’s race-Elan. The head had Waggott stamped on it, so at some stage Merv ministered to it – it was a good engine. I initially fitted Webers and then mechanical fuel-injection later on.”

“The FT200 box was expensive, there was no easy way out there! By early 1984 I had the car ready to test, first racing it at the Sporting Car Club of South Australia’s Historic meeting at Mallala that Easter.”

P3-101-68 as it is now in Peters’ Adelaide workshop with dummy FVA fitted (I Peters)

“The more I got to know the car and Joyce the more absorbed in all things Bowin I became. Ashley Joyce and I put together the (excellent) Bowin Cars website. Included in the detailed specs of each car section, I added ‘ex-Piers Courage Ford FVA #7044’ in the list. You can imagine my surprise when Perth’s Graham Brown contacted me to say he had the motor! After about twelve months of negotiations I bought the engine.”

“I last raced the P3 in an historic support race during the 1989 Adelaide AGP carnival. I hit the wall when a front upright broke doing enough damage to get Chas Talbot in Melbourne to rebuild the tub.”

“By then I’d decided to progress to an ex-Alan Jones Ralt RT4 Ford BDA Formula Pacific car and then a Reynard 91D Holden Formula Holden. That ex-Birrana Racing machine won me two CAMS Silver Stars in 2003 and 2004. I put it to one side forever ago, but have it for sale at the moment.”

“After that is off my plate I’ll complete the rebuild of the P3 to FVA engined spec. It’s currently fitted with a dummy FVA, but all of the hard work is done so it shouldn’t be too long before it’s all done.”

There was only a tiny number of resident 1.6-litre F2 cars which raced in Australia in period. The only one which was victorious in a Gold Star round was P3-101-68, Glyn triumphed at Sandown in September 1968 on a day the 2.5s fell foul of technical dramas.

This car is a magnificent machine, we Bowin-nutters look forward to its return to the circuits soon.

Look carefully, a Bowin racing car is listed! (I Peters)


Many thanks to Ian Peters, Bowin Cars


Ian Peters, Reynard 91D #028 Holden circa 2002, circuit unknown (I Peters)


  1. Lynton Hemer says:

    By sheer coincidence, out of the blue, and for no particular reason, I posted a photo on the Old Motor Racing Photographs Australia Facebook group this morning of Ian Fergusson’s Bowin P3 parked on the grass inside Creek Corner at Warwick Farm in December 1969.
    He had broken down in Creek during practice, and I was able to snap a reasonably easy shot as Alf Costanzo went past at the end of the session.
    The home-processed CamColour slide is of pretty ordinary quality, but it had to come out for a play sometime, so today was the day.
    Great minds etc etc…..

    Lynton Hemer

    • Ross McAlpine says:

      Circuit unknown Eastern Creek turn 9.

      Any ideas where the boat sunk, might be a worthwhile fishing trip, but only if it was in fresh water !

  2. Stuart Murray says:

    Mark, did the second part of ‘Goin’ Bowin’ ever get publishe in Auto Action….if so which issue. I would love to read the rest of the story

    • markbisset says:

      Great to hear from another Bowin fan Stuart,
      No I didn’t do it but thanks for the reminder! Shall speak to Bruce Williams – Auto Action owner/editor – about it.
      It’s such a shame so few P4s and P6s run in historic FF given the number JJ built.

      • Stuart Murray says:

        g’day Mark….thanks for your reply.
        I am not only a Bowin fan…. have been collecting and collating data on Australian open-wheel motor racing for many years now as a hobby/project. Have used a lot of info from Primotipo to fill in the gaps.
        Hope to see part 2 when you have the time

      • markbisset says:

        What period and classes does your database cover? It would be great if you cover the many areas in which I have gaps. The further back we go the bigger my gaps…
        My email is mark@bisset.com.au.

      • Stuart Murray says:

        g’day Mark…I have gone right back to the first days of Aspendale/Sandown for the first motor racing in Aus. All the info has come from numerous motor racing publications – books and magazines, plus websites, including yours. I would assume in your quest for data for PRIMOTIPO you have probably seen anything I have used.
        I have referenced all info back to its source where known.
        I have covered open-wheel racing History in Australia (as well as FLibre/F1 in another project), race results (AGP, International, Gold Star etc.), car and constructor data for 2 litre/FLibre to ANF1, and circuit data and layouts, including lost circuits, from the 1928 AGP (’27 if you include Goulburn). I have not covered FVee or FFord.
        My data consists of WordPerfect files, Excel spreadsheets, Publish-iT files, including many images, where available, which have all been printed into my ‘Book’ consisting of 9 A4 folders. (ten if I include limited data on Gp. A Sports cars)
        …. as much info as I have been able to get my hands on……”A work of passion!”


      • markbisset says:

        Thanks Stuart,
        I tend to get in the most strife with pre-war (WW2) Australian results other than blue-riband events, my own collection of AMS is very skinny for example.
        So I’ll get in touch the next time I’ve drawn a blank if I may.
        “A work of passion!” indeed, I get it!

      • Stuart Murray says:

        not a problem, I’m happy to help with anything I can….. but as I said you may have most of what I’ve got. I will forward my ‘contents page(s)’ when sorted so you can get a grasp of what I have done…and what might help you.

        do not hesitate to ask for any data


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