Seasonal Salutations…

Posted: December 24, 2021 in Obscurities

You lucky bastard Santa, a Bondi Beach smorgasbord by the look of it.

This type of wanton abuse of the female form is unacceptable these days of course, but it was kosher in 1969, thankfully.

We are a multi-cultural lot over here, Christmas seems to be ‘celebrated’ by most of the religious brands, even those where it isn’t strictly part of the worship-regime.

Thanks for reading primotipo again this year, hopefully we – Bob King and I – have provided some solace from the dreaded Covid-lurgy.

I’m off to the beach for a few days armed with my just arrived Miller Bible, ‘The Miller Dynasty’ by Mark Dees. ‘Me mate, Big-Bad-Brucie bagged it on Ebay for $A260 – a snip he tells me. It’s the poverty pack First Edition, the ducks-guts Second Edition is more like $A800, hells-bells. All I’ve got to do is find somewhere to hide from she-who-must-be-obeyed for a few days. @ 527 pages, ’tis weighty and substantive.

Racing of a different kind at Albert Park! It’s a dropkick from my doorstep, most days start with a run or walk of the joint, roll on the April 10 Australian GP. Covid permitting…

Stay well all! And thanks.


The Auto Action magazine dudes have created an Historics section within their website. You may find some of these digitised (what a painful process it is!) old articles of interest, the tab is here; Historics Archives – Auto Action Keep an eye on it, expect a couple of posts a week.

This 1974 one is a beauty by the late, great Phil Irving about ‘Production Based, or Free Design Engines’; PHIL IRVING : PRODUCTION BASED OR FREE DESIGN ENGINES? – Auto Action Bob Watson’s ‘Giovanni Bracco and the Lancia B20’ is an interesting piece about a bloke I knew little; GIOVANNI BRACCO AND THE LANCIA B20 – Auto Action One for the Maxi-Taxi fans is Tony Glynn’s wonderful technical appraisal/interview with Larry Perkins on the build of his/Peter Brock driven 1991 VN Holden Commodore Group A; PERKINS’ 1991 MOBIL 1 HOLDEN GROUP A COMMODORE BUILD – Auto Action This one by Heath McAlpine was published in 2018 upon the re-entry of the Ford Mustang to Australian racing; GALLOPING MUSTANGS – Auto Action

As I say, keep an eye on the website as articles will be uploaded every few days.


National Archives Australia


  1. David Zeunert says:

    Thank YOU Mark + Bob & Stephen & any others I have missed out who have made Primotipo such an outstanding read, Mark you are to be congratulated on your in depth research & the motor sport topics you chose to write about, Fantastic Article’s – Simply The Best Mark : Thank YOU! : D.Z.

  2. Barrie Read. says:

    Thank you again Mark,Bob and Team,I ditto David Zeunert’s comments and all the best for next year.

  3. John Steele says:


    Both editions available from Abebooks Com.

    John Steele


  4. Ken Collins says:

    Merry Christmas and a great New Year, Mark and the team! Thanks for all the posts, long may they keep coming!

  5. Keith Squibb says:

    Thanks for yet another year of entertaining and informative posts. Seasons greeting to you and yours.

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