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Posted: August 24, 2022 in Sports Racers
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French Grand Prix ace Francois Cevert raced this McLaren M8F Chev with great skill, flair and commitment during 1972, here over the July 23 weekend at Watkins Glen.

His best results in the Young American Racing Team (YART) ex-works/Peter Revson 1971 Can-Am Cup winning M8F/1 chassis was a win at Donnybrooke in mid-season, second place at Road America and third placings at Watkins Glen and Laguna Seca.

The dashing, fast Frenchie adapted well to the big-cars, was rarely out of the top-five qualifiers, and finished fifth in the drivers title behind three Porsche 917/10s – headed by George Follmer – and Denny Hulme’s second placed McLaren M20 Chev.


The shot above shows the great Frenchman pressing on at Watkins Glen, and loading up below in front of 8 to 8.4-litres of 740-830bhp big-block aluminium injected Chev V8.


The wonderful thing about Can-Am cars is the subtlety and nuance of the things! Everything about them is big, brash, brassy and loud, quintessentially American some might say.

What’s not to like? Oh to have seen theses babies race in anger, in period…


Watkins Glen, the first of sixty 5.435km laps, 326km in total. Francois leads a pack comprising David Hobbs, Lola T310 Chev, Jackie Oliver’s Shadow Mk3 Chev, then Greg Young in the other YART M8F #2 and Milt Minter’s Porsche 917/10 to the right. The Hulme and Revson McLaren M20s, and Follmer’s 917/10 are already up the road a bit.

Hulme won from Revson and Cevert but it was all Porsches up-front for the remaining six rounds with the exception of Francois’ Donnybrooke win; the McLaren Can-Am era which commenced in 1967 was finally, sadly, over.


Rainer Schlegelmilch-MotorSport Images,


  1. John Macmillan says:

    You can get this power in a road car now

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  2. Jack Fidz says:

    “raced in anger”,”Frenchie”,”theses babies”…3 glaring giveaways which speak to the lack of maturity, respect & ability to accurately depict any understanding of the series, drivers or the era. Just “fanboy vomit” from some wannabe with a pencil.

    • markbisset says:

      Perhaps take your meds and have another read. The short piece reeks of affectionate respect for Cevert and the Can-Am.
      If you still don’t enjoy it there are plenty of other sites out there, or you can call me on +61 419 332342.
      If all else fails a Bex and a good lie down will sort you.
      Mark Bisset, FanBoy, absolutely.

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