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1947 was the first full-year of the post-war Grand Prix racing. 32 Grands Prix – to the pre-war 1.5-litre supercharged/4.5-litres unsupercharged formula – were held throughout Europe and South America, but there was no championship as such.

The more prestigious Swiss, Belgian, Italian and French GPs were recognised as Grandes Epreuves with Jean-Pierre Wimille winning two of these, the Swiss and Italian GP aboard his works Alfa Romeo 158. The winningest-driver was Gigi Villoresi who took 13 of the 32 events aboard Maserati 4CL’s.

The 355km IX Grand Prix de l’Albigeois comprised 40 laps of the 8.9km les Planques road circuit and was won by Louis Rosier from Raymond Sommer and Charles Pozzi. They raced Talbot Lago T150SS, Simca Gordini T11 and Delahaye 135S respectively.

The cars shown at the-off are – from the left – the #44 Roger Loyer, third place Cisitalia D46 Fiat, #40 Eugenio Minetti, Cisitalia D46 Fiat #22 Reg Parnell, Maserati 4CL, #16 Fred Ashmore, ERA A-Type and #6 Ian Connell, Maserati 6CM.

This evocative photograph was published in The Motor, August 25, 1948 issue. It’s a beauty from Bob King’s vast scrap book/archive, and was described in the magazine, under the heading, “The Sport of Motor Racing”, “The skirl (a shrill, wailing sound apparently!) of exhausts rises…the flag wavers, drops…and as one, the cars dart forward off the starting grid, drivers seeking an opening among those ahead, acceleration nose to tail, wheel to wheel, like a crazy traffic jam until they begin to string out on the open circuit beyond…and the spectators sink back into their seats with a sigh, for they have witnessed one of the most thrilling spectacles in all modern sport.”

The final paragraph of The Motor’s page provides context, “With the Junior Car Club’s (very first) Goodwood meeting on September 18 (1948) and the Royal Automobile Club’s full Grand Prix at Silverstone on October 2, motor racing at its best at last returns to this country and once again we shall see the drivers battling together at full throttle down the straight, swirling with screaming wheels round the curves.”

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Having mentioned the Silverstone and Goodwood events we had better add a shot of each.

The British GP was won by Villoresi from Alberto Ascari and Bob Gerard, two Maserati 4CLT/48s and a more elderly but quick ERA B-Type.

At the jump, local boy Reg Parnell is fast away in his 4CLT/48 from grid 7, Peter Walker’s ERA B-Type at right and Bira’s Maserati 4CL on the left.

I’ll take your advice on identification of the cars on the second row other than the two Talbot Lago T26C’s of Louis Rosier and Louis Chiron. There is an ERA but the other two car’s silhouettes are unfamiliar.

(Klemantaski Collection)

And above the start of the very first race, at the very first Goodwood meeting, on September 18, 1948.

The field comprised six Healeys, an HRG and a Mycroft Jaguar. Again, if you gave a program, please do get in touch. The most impressive haystacks were moved elsewhere on the estate when proper paddock facilities were established.


(R Clark Collection)

After posting the article as above, Roger Clark, a UK historian friend provided these scans from his collection, many thanks Roger, for the material and comments.

(R Clark Collection)

“The programme said that all races were limited to 12 starter, the entry above is for the first race.”

(R Clark Collection)

“The entry for the 500cc race. This was Moss’s second circuit race. He won (below) by over 30 seconds, not bad for a 10 lap, 12.2 miles race! I think that PA Collins is Peter’s father but he didn’t start the race.”

(R Clark Collection)

“The first of many…”

(R Clark Collection)

“The start of the event for racing cars over 1450cc. I can’t think why they chose that capacity. There was also a race for Formula 1 cars. The most easily identifiable cars are George Nixon #56 (ERA R2A), David Lewis (Alfa Monza), Dennis Moore, (Alfa 8C/35 rear left) and David Murray (Maserati 4CL) behind the Monza.”


The Motor, Bob King Collection, Klemantaski Collection, Roger Clark Collection