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ferrari 624

(C Cavara)

Nice cutaway drawing of the Ferrari 625, one of the Scuderia’s 1954 Grand Prix car’s for the new 2.5 litre Formula…

The design was based on the very successful Type 500 which swept the board in 1952 and 1953, the engine an enlarged version of the 2 litre unit of 1952/3, later modified with a new head, developed circa 235bhp@7000rpm.


Spa 1954 Fazz butt shots; #6 is the later in the season, more bulbous and not so fast ‘553’ of Gonzalez, the car in front the more svelte and generally quicker ‘625’ of Maurice Trintignant. Cars both 2.5 DOHC 4 cylinder powered. Maurice was 2nd in the race won by Fangio’s Maser 250F, Froilan equal 4th in the ‘625’ he shared with Mike Hawthorn after the car pictured failed. (unattributed)

The De Dion tube was located by twin radius arms and a central guide pin, front suspension was by wishbones and a transverse leaf spring with Houdaille shock absorbers. The 4 speed gearbox was located under the seat, the wheelbase was 85 inches, the simple car weighed circa 1430 pounds dry.


Alberto Ascari DNF engine Ferrari 625, on loan from Lancia, and Froilan Gonzalez 3rd, Ferrari 553 (here he is in the 553 he started, his placing was scored in the 625 he shared with Umberto Maglioli) from Louis Rosier’s 8th Maser 250F and winner Fangio’s Mercedes W196 1954 Italian Grand Prix. (unattributed)

Credits…C Cavara, Automobile Year