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There has to be an interesting article in evolution of the GeePee cockpit and controls over time, does there not? Here its the tiller of the Johnny Herbert’s Stewart SR3 Ford on the grid of the 1999 Spanish GP at Barcelona on 30 May…

He retired from the race with transmission failure on lap 40 of the 65 laps, the event won by Mika Hakkinen’s McLaren MP4/14 Mercedes. Rubens Barrichelo was generally the quicker of the two Stewart drivers that season but Johnny broke through for the teams first and last Grand Prix win at the Nurburgring on 26 September.



Fifty years before, the state of the art is demonstrated by one of the Talbot Lago T26C’s, being fuelled on the Albi GP grid on 10 July 1949, quadrant for the pre-selector ‘box and chassis plate clear below the wheel in shot. Wonderful image isn’t it!?


Tobias Heyer, Adoc/Corbis