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Seasonal Salutations 2016…

Posted: December 24, 2016 in Obscurities

Down to the local scout-hall in your 250 SWB to pick up a tree (unattributed)

Seasonal Saluations to you all wherever you may live…

This world of ours is as nutty as ever. It’s nice to be able to lose yourself in motor racing I figure!

It’s my third Christmas Primotipo greeting, I started this online magazine in mid-2014 when I had lots of time on my hands working in Adelaide. I’ve now a role based in Melbourne but involves regular travel to Sydney and Perth. It makes writing the longer stuff a lot harder, so contributions from anyone who want to write about their passion are invited! You can see how eclectic the content is, so go for it! My email address is

In that regard many thanks to Stephen Dalton, Nigel Tait and Greg Smith for their articles this year. Similarly Peter Brennan and Rodway Wolfe both provide ongoing sources of material for articles, in Rodway’s case we are bit by bit writing the ‘Repco Racing Story’ with Nigel Tait and Michael Gasking’s Collections providing, rich, never published before Repco visual promotional material.

An army of Australian photographers continue to assist by allowing me to use their wonderful work; John Ellacott, Dick Simpson, Rod MacKenzie, Lindsay Ross, Dale Harvey and David Blanch all spring to mind.


My own Van Diemen RF86 Formula Ford ‘freshen’ is nearly complete, i will rejoin the historic FF grids in Oz in 2017. Interesting car, its one of two chassis used by Peter Verheyen to win the Australian FF Championship in 1987

It continues to boggle my mind that although the content is about 40% Australian that 80% of the readership is global, the top 10 countries in order of size Australia, France, US, Germany, UK, Italy, Japan, Holland, Brazil and Spain. An interesting mix!

Most of all, thanks for reading primotipo!

I’ll mainly be posting shorter stuff over the next few weeks, it’s our summer holidays in this part of the world so me ‘an the sabre-toothed-tigress are off to Seminyak, Bali for a couple of weeks.

Stay well, stay safe, may you all enjoy good health and all the luck you deserve in 2017.

Mark Bisset, 24 December 2016


Lane in Fitzroy, Melbourne, not too far from home